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Toyota Rush Price In Kenya

  1. RUSH 2008 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 4,300

  2. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 3,300

  3. RUSH 2010 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 5,040

  4. RUSH 2007 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 3,750

  5. RUSH 2006 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 5,190

  6. RUSH 2011 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 4,520

  7. RUSH 2016 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 15,630

  8. RUSH 2010 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 3,770

  9. RUSH 2010 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 4,390

  10. RUSH 2011 Toyota RUSH

    Bei: USD 4,030

With Kenya population rising and increasing visitors to the East African country, the automotive industry has seen a significant rise and a growing mandate. As a result, there is an essential necessity to commute humans and goods to various places throughout the country.

Even though the East African country Kenya is looking to manufacture its own cars, after designing and manufacturing the first car in the 1980s, named the Nyayo Car, Kenya has taken a dig into the automotive industry in 2010 with Mobius Motors, a Kenyan vehicle re-assembler. In addition, KIBO Africa Limited has been rolling out motorcycles from the native manufacturer.

Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese automotive designer and manufacturer, entered the Kenyan automobile industry as Toyota East Africa Limited. Moreover, it has vehicles designed and manufactured by a commercial car manufacturer founded in Mombasa, Kenya, named Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) since 1977.

In addition, Toyota Kenya Limited is a solely possessed subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation based in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Moreover, the organization was established in January 2012 as Toyota East Africa Limited successor. Besides, it is the most prominent trader and importer of Hino, Toyota, Suzuki, and Yamaha cars to Kenya.

Moreover, according to a study, the citizens of Kenya prefer buying Japanese used cars, and there has been a massive demand for Toyota Rush.



Overview Of Toyota Rush

Did you know that Toyota Rush was declared the most sold car in 2020 and 2021? Moreover, it acquired a market share of approximately 54.1 percent.

Toyota, a Japanese multinational vehicle manufacturer, has advanced into the finest Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and automobile manufacturer in the international automobile market. Moreover, Toyota has the most number of SUVs that are designed and manufactured in several different categories.

Toyota Rush, formerly known as Daihatsu Terios, was initially designed and manufactured in 1997. However, this mini Sports Utility Vehicle was then acquired by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Moreover, Toyota Rush is globally known as the vehicle that can offer users different driving styles that are desired in today world. Therefore, even if likened to other cars, the Rush can completely match up with its competitors in the global automobile industry.

Besides, Toyota Rush has been designed with an exclusive submersion elevation which makes it Toyota most desired Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). As a result, Toyota Rush is the best-selling Toyota SUV across the globe.

Even though the Toyota Rush is similar in shape to the other Toyota vehicle, Fortuner, it is distinct by flexibility and adaptability and represents true style, beauty, and luxury.

The compact SUV possesses an excellent Toyota Rush fuel consumption and is well-equipped with a seven-passenger and three-row structure.

In several countries, Toyota Rush is promoted with a wide-ranging complete measurement of 4,405 millimeters and a persistent wheelbase extending from 2,580 millimeters to 2,685 millimeters.



Toyota Rush Price In Kenya

Toyota Rush price in Kenya depends on the variant and the model you choose to buy. It came in five-seater and seven-seater midsized SUVs and was initially launched in the Kenyan automotive industry in 2006. The first generation of Toyota Rush was known as the J200 variant and was available for sale till 2017.

Toyota Rush price in Kenya highly depends on the variant you choose and the modifications and additional features you want, but the general price starts from KES 2,200,000 (18,328 USD) and can go up to KES 3,000,000 (24,994 USD). In addition, Toyota Rush is available in three different variants:

1. 5 G A/T

2. 5 E A/T

3. 5 E M/T



Specifications Of Toyota Rush

Most of the people in the East African country Kenya consider Toyota designed and manufactured Rush as one of the most reasonably priced vehicles compared to the other variants of the vehicles in the industry. Furthermore, this car has several idyllic features that can satisfy serious consumers.

Additionally, Toyota Rush possesses a unique class, with an inexpensive price tag and assorted correspondences.

Instead of being an old-fashioned Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Toyota Rush is a combination of compact and subcompact vehicles that are positioned among the top compact and subcompact vehicles worldwide. As a result, Toyota Rush is considered suitable and adaptable.

Additionally, Toyota Rush has an incorporated Automatic Braking System to halt the wheels from barring when applying short brakes. Moreover, the vehicle also contains contemporary technology, Hill-Start Assist. It breaks the car from rolling front or back after consenting when you are on a slope or a hill.



Specifications at a Glance:

1. Automatic Braking System (ABS)

2. Automatic Four Speed Transmission

3. Power Windows

4. 2NR-VE / 1.5-liter gasoline engine model code

5. 16-valve Dual Overhead Cam Setup (DOHC), Chain Drive With Dual VVT-i

6. Audio System

7. Seven Seating capacity

8. Air Conditioning

9. 45 Liters Fuel Capacity

10. 1870 kg Gross Weight

Safety & Security Features in Toyota Rush

Toyota is known for designing and manufacturing advanced safety and security features. Likewise, it has developed progressive safety and security features in Toyota Rush.

This is because the protection features in a vehicle are the top-most obligation of consumers who prefer Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). However, driving SUVs is risky and unsafe as compared to four-door Sedans. Moreover, let us safety take a look at some of the safety features included in Toyota Rush:

1. Six Airbags (Driver & Passenger Airbags)

2. Smart tag

3. Internationally Standardized Car Seat Fitting System (ISOFIX mount)

4. 360-degree camera

5. Vehicle stability assist

6. Reverse Camera

7. Reverse cross-traffic alert

8. Rear sonar sensor

9. Blind Spot Info System

10. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

11. Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)

12. Alarm with immobilizer

13. Traction control

14. Front departure warning

15. Hill-start assist

16. Anti-lock brakes



Advantages of Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush is a versatile car attraction that includes:

1. Appropriate curves for off-roading and toughing it out over the bumpy road

2. A body shell on valiant folds, edges, and crossbars with roof fences

3. A hinder spoiler that couples as a utility panel lid with the in-built knob when fixed down

4. Ample curves with flaring rims that stripe comprehensive 18-inch wheels

Further, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) need to have higher ground clearance. The Japanese vehicle, Toyota Rush, achieves this with a stable 220 millimeters trip height that allows you to leap over the place on bumpy roads quickly.



Advantages at a Glance:

1. Flexible seating option

2. Build-in handle

3. Great performance

4. Contemporary design

5. High-level ground clearance

6. Powerful engine



Disadvantages of Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush is well-resourced with a four-cylinder twin Variable Valve Timing-Intelligence and 1.5 liters sixteen-valve dual overhead cam setup (DOHC) that yields a focused output of more than 6,000 rpm and a 4,200 NM highest torque.

Secondly, the seven-seater SUV has adequate space for more than seven passengers. Finally, even though the third row is a little stuffed, that is to be predicted as it was intended for fewer frames.

Last but not least, this disadvantage may annoy music lovers. The car has a massive 6.9 inches display, as typical on all other Toyota vehicles. In addition, the infotainment system in Toyota Rush offers multiple connectivity options, including Universal Serial Bus (USB), Bluetooth, and an auxiliary port (AUX).

Still, unfortunately, it does not hold technologies like Android Auto and iOS CarPlay, which are rapidly fetching a collective place in contemporary vehicles.



Cons at a Glance:

1. Insignificant interior

2. Android Auto is not offered

3. High fuel consumption

4. Apple Carplay is unavailable

5. Two-wheel drive



Import Your Toyota Rush

If you have made up your mind and are looking to purchase a used Japanese Toyota Rush, it is recommended to buy with a dependable and receptive dealer like SBT Japan.

This is because when you buy cars from a registered dealer like SBT Japan, you can contact our friendly sales for all inquiries and queries. Furthermore, we will help you throughout the buying process, from selecting the vehicle you wish to purchase to obtain the official documents required for picking up your automobile from SBT Japan.



The Final Word

The comprehensive analysis above can deliver a thorough review and can offer you an enhanced awareness of the Toyota Rush price in Kenya. Once known as the Daihatsu Terios, the Toyota Rush is the best and most reasonable car for your family needs as it offers excellent specifications and an affordable price.

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