HOW TO PAY with PayPal

Not accepting PayPal for Jamaican purchases.

PayPal Online Payment Service


  • Security PC icon

    Payment information is not transmitted to us.

    The payment information registered with PayPal is protected via PayPal. Your credit / debit card information and bank account details will not be shared with us during the payment process, ensuring your security and peace of mind.

  • Credit / debit card and bank icon

    Payment via credit / debit card or bank account.

    With PayPal, you can pay via credit/ debit card or bank account.

  • No fees and charges icon

    Affordable fees and charges.

    No extra fees will be charged. You only need to pay the amount specified in the invoice to complete the transaction.

  1. How to Pay with PayPal Step1 heading image

    Capture screen of cardetail page and the dialog

    Let's get started! Proceed by clickling the "Buy Now" button to purchase.

    Capture screen of Buy Now button

    To start the order process, fill out the reservation form. When your reservation is completed, the screen below will be displayed.

    Capture screen of Thank you!! dialog

  2. How to Pay with PayPal Step2 heading image

    Capture screen of Reserved Vehicles page and the button

    Select your preferred payment method.
    Click "PayPal" button.

    Capture screen of PayPal button

    Login to your PayPal account and complete the payment.
    Learn more about PayPal.

    Capture screen of Pay with PayPal window

    Fill out your information, and Log in to your PayPal account

    Capture screen of Pay with window

    Choose your payment method, then complete your purchase.

  3. How to Pay with PayPal Step3 heading image

    Capture screen of Payment completed

    Payment is completed!

    We will send you an automatic confirmation email right away.
    We will send you the payment confirmation sheet and notify you of the shipping schedule via email.

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