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VW Up 2017 For Sale

  1. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 11,810

  2. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 14,880

  3. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 7,780

  4. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 6,090

  5. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 13,720

  6. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 7,820

  7. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 12,350

  8. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 12,708

  9. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 7,740

  10. UP 2017 Volkswagen UP

    Precio: USD 11,480

VW Up 2017 For Sale Is A Considerable And Effective Car But Lower In Price

The cheap car concept is not the same for Europe as it is for Latin America, but the VW UP 2017 for sale has found its place in both markets. In the Old Continent, it is a vehicle of access to the Volkswagen range, but due to its advanced engines, equipment levels, and design, it is not exactly cheap in the eyes of a consumer of the Atlantic.


To sell it in Latin America, the Wolfsburg firm has turned to its Brazilian subsidiary to take care not only of manufacturing but also of the specific tuning for the needs of this region. Thus, Volkswagen Up! It loses the glass tailgate and some equipment, but gains a few inches and lowers its price.


Torque & Revs

One of the advantages of its engine is that it offers a good amount of torque from low revs. That is, you do not have to rev the car so much to reach the best moment of the engine. Of course, thanks to the shortness of the manual transmission changes, it is easy to jerk when making changes, especially from first to second and, to a lesser extent, from second to third. In fact, despite its performance, this engine is not the refined one that has been tested. The vibrations are present in the pedals, in the gear lever, and even, with the vehicle stopped at the traffic light, in the seats. If you look closely, you will see how they vibrate.


From the first kilometers to the end of the test, it is striking how easy it is to control and how comfortable it is when passing through rough streets. It does not hurt to hit potholes, in a way, it bounces them. These reactions are appreciated at low speeds and in the city, but when it comes to demanding it on mountain roads, the height of the body and the softness of the suspension turns into a certain nervousness. When cornering fast, the lean of the body is evident, and although it does not lose its temper, it invites us to be more cautious. Its best setting is around buildings and traffic lights.


Nice Finishes

When you open the doors, it is clear that Volkswagen had the Vocho very present when it designed the Up! Not because it was perceived as cheap, but because of the way they took advantage of the nostalgic charge. The doors, for example, are in body color; the dashboard boasts nice finishes and can also be ordered in different colors, depending on the bodywork.


The driving position is somewhat elevated compared to most subcompacts, which favors a feeling of confidence when driving around town. Space is good in the front seats, and somewhat short across the width in the rear, but at the top, it accommodates tall people relatively well. The disc and drum brakes are in the front-rear, respectively.


Effective & Acceptable

They do not need the discs although we do not explain why the brand still uses drums when they are supposed to be more expensive to build than discs. The only downside to rear drums is when they get wet in the rain, care must be taken to heat up the drums. For the rest, the brakes are safe, with ABS brakes in addition to airbags. Stopping behavior is effective, balanced in VW UP 2017 for sale.


The part of the shock absorber seems simple; Hopefully and the double effect dampers are achieved which will make you lose a certain stiffness in the behavior on the road. a VW up 2017 price payer needs to note, its rigid suspension could be lessened if a double-acting implement is achieved. The dynamic balance in the geometry of the Up is considerable, effective, acceptable. The back has a torsional axis, which moves well, works properly.

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