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Best Used Cars for Sale in Guyana

Your favorite car is just a call away. SBT Japan has a list of the best Japanese used cars to offer you. With decades of experience and reliability in Guyana market, we make sure that our clients get the top imported used cars in excellent shape.
You can contact our cooperative customer service representatives via Whatsapp, Skype, phone calls, and emails for any queries. You are valued to get a good price for second-hand cars. We assure you that the quote we offer is the one you can’t refuse!
We have top used cars for sale in Guyana, contact us, and enjoy a road trip with your friends and family.

Why Choose SBT?

Wide Range Of Cars
Wide Range Of Cars

We’ve vehicles of all the brands you desire.

Available Where You Are
Available Where You Are

We’ve exported 500,000 used cars in over 152 countries.

Supporting You Anytime
Supporting You Anytime

Our support team are always connected with customers 24/7.

Uncompromised Quality
Uncompromised Quality

We do a thorough inspection before shipping so only quality is delivered to you.

Keeping It Reliable
Keeping It Reliable

With over 25 years in the industry, we focus on reliability resulting in 80% repeat purchases.

Offering Best Prices
Offering Best Prices

You can find a wide range of vehicles that are kept in your range.

Accessories Delivery Service for Guyana Customers

For the vehicles that brings Spare keys and SD Cards (not included in all cases), we are now sending those accessories in the DHL package among with the vehicle titles.

This is applicable for reservations on RORO Shipment only, not for Container reservations as normally there is no risk of getting lost.

Several claims of lost accessories at the port were received in the past, also getting extra keys in Guyana is expensive and SD cards are not available.
With this service we hope to increase overall customer satisfaction and provide a great purchase experience.

Accessories Example:

Spare key
SD card

Import Scheme and Information

used car shipping policy guyana
Duty and Tax Information: 

Less duties base on CNF cost for vehicles under 4 year (2020-2024)
Duty and Taxes for vehicles under 4 years are based on the CNF cost and engine size (the higher the CNF cost the more duties paid/ the lower the CNF cost the less duties paid).
Depending on the engine size and vehicle total Cost and Freight (CNF) you might pay less Total Tax Payable.
Cars, vans, buses, pickups and SUVs 4 years and under with an engine capacity of 1500 cc or less will be deemed as NEW by the Guyana Revenue Authority and will NOT attract Excise Tax.

It is important to note the following:
1) Manufacturing year must be under 4 years (2020 or newer, for this year 2024 arrivals at Guyana)
2) Duty and taxes are also based on the engine size.
3) Duty and taxes under 4 years are the same for both Petrol and Diesel engines.
4) Duty and tax for under 4 years are calculated by percentages of the CNF cost, this is why you may pay less duties.
For Example  Hereunder is the estimated computation of the taxes payable for the Motor Vehicle using G$206.00 as the rate of exchange for one (1) US dollar:
Intended use of vehicle: Personal/Private
CC Range: 10cc - 1000cc

Age Category of MV: 4 Years and Over (vehicle up to 2019 year) 

USD $7,300 $0 $5,350 $0 $5,350
GYD $1,503,800 $0 $1,102,100 $0 $1,102,100

Age Category of MV: Under 4 Years (vehicle 2020 year or newer)

USD $7,300 $3,285 $0 $1,482 $4,767
GYD $1,503,800 $676,710 $0 $305,271 $981,981

See some calculation examples:
0 CC- 1500 CC:
TTL Tax Payable are less than 1,000,000 GYD for vehicle CNF cost $7,300
TTL Tax Payable are less than duties under 2,000,000 GYD for vehicle CNF cost $11,700
1801CC-2000 CC:
TTL Tax Payable under 2,200,000 GYD for vehicle CNF cost $12,800
*These figures are just a simulation, final Total Tax Payable might vary.
For more information, contact us Tax calculation examples might vary, for accurate Motor Vehicle Calculator visit the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) website:

used car shipping policy guyana
The shipping:

Enviamos desde todos los puertos de Japón a Georgetown. Una vez que se envía, tarda alrededor de 4 semanas en llegar allí. En un mes tenemos alrededor de 4 barcos disponibles para transportar los autos de los clientes.
También ofrecemos inventario de Singapur, Corea, China, Europa, Estados Unidos, Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Sudáfrica.

shipping port in guyana
Main Ports:

Port of Georgetown

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I buy cars from SBT?
Q3. What shipping line do you use?
Q4. What is CFR price, CNF price & CIF price?
Q5. If I have more questions, what should I do?
Q6. Which vehicles can be imported in Guyana?
Q7. What extra Charges do we have to pay other then the C&F cost?
Q8. Where do I need to send payment?
Q9. ¿SBT Japan tiene una oficina en Guyana?

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