Nissan Fuga 370gt For Sale

  1. FUGA 2009 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 10,834

  2. FUGA 2010 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 5,155

  3. FUGA 2013 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 7,854

  4. FUGA 2011 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 13,398

  5. FUGA 2010 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 7,572

  6. FUGA 2011 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 7,378

  7. FUGA 2011 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 8,000

  8. FUGA 2010 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 12,786

  9. FUGA 2009 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 11,796

  10. FUGA 2013 Nissan FUGA

    Precio: USD 13,174

Do You Know, Nissan Fuga 370gt For Sale Is Branded As E (Executive) Class Car

A used Nissan Fuga 370gt for sale driver or buyer need to note, in Tokyo, Nissan Fuga was first introduced before the eyes of car lovers at an auto show in the early twenties. This attractive car attracted the interest of various people. However, it was developed specifically for the Japanese domestic market. However, this fantastic car did not stop to catch buyers attention. Due to its quality, several models were ordered in their homeland.


Well, since it is so popular, it is necessary to pay particular attention to its characteristics. The key feature which boasts Nissan Fuga is its appearance. A powerful grille, screwed-up headlights, a little overlap on the wings, the rear optics of the urban model, aluminum doors and wings, predatory lines of the body.


Quality Decoration

For another shape, they could not affect vehicle size. With this size, the model looked stretched, dynamic, forward, and overall aspiring. Like a true sportswoman. By the way, the wheelbase boasted quite impressive dimensions. as a prospective Nissan Fuga 370gt price payer, If you look inside, you will notice, its interior is similar to its Primera series. However, the most important thing is its quality. The decoration was used only in high-quality leather and natural wood.


And what about the dashboard! Set orange dial, the directions are easy to read and simple. Inside, there is also an analog clock and remote control system, equipped with an additional joystick. Others may not like a large information display, which allows you to view the trip computer. But the key highlight of the car - audio with support for WMA and MP3 formats, is operatable from its seat platform.


Concise Nissan Fuga 370gt For Sale Specification

Model: Fuga 2nd generation (Y51-series) 2009-on

Submodel: Fuga 2nd-gen. Sedan 2WD (Y51-series) 2009-

EEC segmentation: E (executive cars)

Subsegment: E-1 (executive sedans)

Class: mid-size luxury / executive car

Body style: Sedan

Doors: 4

Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)


Excellent and Active

However, despite the fact that the Nissan Fuga is equipped with automatic transmission, the transmission control lever is encased in a leather case, which is often found on sports cars, as well. in short, the car works perfectly. In principle, as befits a business class car rear wheel. it is naturally prone to high speeds. In addition, the Nissan Fuga features are really commanding respect, is equipped with a more active rotation system called Active Steering.


it can change the geometry of the rear suspension according to steering and speed. All of this has a positive impact on car control. The suspension is soft, although, as the owners say, it sometimes feels like the car was not designed for rural roads. On major joints and holes can feel vibrations, but the car has excellent insulation and diffuser. No matter, at what speed the car is being driven. it is always enough energy for strong acceleration.


Although the speedometer scale in the first model is well and actively calibrated. Plus, many talks about the headlights. They are due to the electric function, follow the turn of the steering wheel, and release the corner, perfectly illuminating everything. Besides, its cruise control keeps its distance from the vehicle in front. In addition, automation constantly analyzes what is happening on the road. In addition, there is a system that checks indications; and, of course, delighted with the number of airbags that are installed in its front, side, knee, and even the curtain sides. to be precise, it is impossible to feel insecure when you sit inside and drive; a point to note, Fuga received the highest score in the Euro-NCAP test.

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