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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Peter Makawa, ...
Dear Muhammad This is to render my heartfelt [...]
I purchased a Honda Accord from SBT in August/September [...]
Mr. Tsiki Ntlhasinye
Second car from SBT Japan and most importantly thanks [...]
Ms.Mary Namate, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Dear Noureen, Here is the happy owner of daihatsu esse [...]
Mr & Mrs.Friday, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Hi Noureen Me and my wife we are so happy to buy our [...]
Mr. Travis
Couldn’t be happier with my new car and i got [...]
Mr. Allan Tembo, Malawi, Agent : ...
Hi Muhammad. Please see a pic and me and car i recently [...]
Mr. Govati Macdonald, Malawi, Agent : Arlene
This is my NISSAN MARCH which I bought from SBT Japan. [...]
Ms. Fainess Chakhmbira, Malawi, Agent : ...
Dear Noureen , i have received them with a good [...]
Mr. Rilwan
I bought from SBT so many cars. They are giving the [...]
Mr. Phoka
Thank you Rida Gulzar (my sales consultant in Japan). [...]
Mr. Sergio Afonso Francisco, Mozambique
I received the car in optimum conditions and I will [...]
Mr. Vic Kaphaso, Malawi, Agent : Arlene
With my kind regards, I would like to sincerely thank [...]
Mr. Nkone Phole
Thank you Mr. Hamza Rajwani for the service you are [...]
Mrs. Michael Fikilini, Malawi, Agent : Arlene
Mr. Yowen Mkweza, Malawi, Agent : ...
I am really loving my Delica Van and will purchase [...]
Mr. Lazarous Zaipa, Malawi, Agent : ...
I trust SBT because of the first best treatment they [...]
Mr. Bravson Jones Matchano, Malawi, ...
Thanks to Arlene who took much of her time to make my [...]
Mr. Jackson Manda, Malawi, Agent : ...
Dear Junaid Shamshad, I write to express my gratitude [...]
Mrs. Paulina Moyo, Malawi, Agent : Arlene
Hi Arlene, l just want to communicate to you about our [...]
Mr. Nelson Matumba, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Hello madam , That’s Nelson on his car ,Thank you [...]
Mr. Albert Jika, Maalwi, Agent : Noureen
Dear Noureen Good day , This is One of the best cars [...]
Mr. Anisio Sebastiao, Mozambique
I would like to thanksgiving STB’s team for all [...]
Mr. Friday Nantongwe, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Hie Dear Noreen, I received the car in a very good [...]
Mr. Celso Soares, Mozambique
This serves to let you know that i have received the [...]
Mr. Tendai Malengend Tsuro from Zimbabwe
I am happy because Mr Muhammad Ashraf from SBT JAPAN is [...]
Mr. Luckson Fritz Kadaonanji, Malawi, ...
I, on behalf of my family, am so thankful to SBT Car [...]
Mr. Roy View Banda, Malawi, Agent : ...
Thanks Asfandyar Mughal and SBT for the good car. I [...]
Mr. Eugenio Banze, Mozambique, Agent : Wasif
I am very happy to inform you that I I have recieved [...]
Mr. Bethel
Buying my car from SBT JAPAN was one of the easiest [...]