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Wagon R 2019 for sale Tanzania

  1. NAVARA 2017 Wagon NAVARA

    Price: ASK

  2. DISCOVERY 4 2010 Wagon DISCOVERY 4

    Price: ASK

  3. M CLASS 2008 Wagon M CLASS

    Price: ASK

  4. M CLASS 2009 Wagon M CLASS

    Price: ASK

  5. DISCOVERY 3 2009 Wagon DISCOVERY 3

    Price: ASK

  6. HILUX 2016 Wagon HILUX

    Price: ASK

  7. NAVARA 2015 Wagon NAVARA

    Price: ASK

  8. NAVARA 2015 Wagon NAVARA

    Price: ASK

  9. TOUAREG 2013 Wagon TOUAREG

    Price: ASK

  10. L200 2014 Wagon L200

    Price: ASK

The developer of Suzuki vehicles and engines brought this design principle to the world market as well, when it introduced the first generation of Suzuki Wagon R micro minivans in nineties. While Suzuki Wagon R, like Kei Car, was hardly noticed in Japan, in other countries Wagon R 2019 for sale Tanzania was seen as unusual.

  • Equally varied is the range of brands and body styles. The goal of the developers was to create, in compliance with the limitations set by law for Kei Cars, as much interior space as possible, for which bodies with a high structure were designed.
  • The reason is, the engineers developed an uncompromising box body according to the guidelines for optimal use of space. Built as three and extra-door, the micro-minivan arrived, on the European markets, in versatile variants under the name of Suzuki Wagon R series. The Suzuki Wagon R series has the typical proportions of larger minivans; however, applied to a small format.
  • The high structure and the wheelbase of a body built almost without jolts, offer passengers plenty of room for the head and legs. The Japanese aesthetic of the Key Cars did not appear to be fully transferable to Europe. The Japanese, therefore, developed a new generation of less polarized models together with Opel.
  • The second generation of the lower configured Suzuki Wagon R series was launched in 2000 and strongly defined as a European model. This was partly due to cooperation with Opel, on the other hand, the Suzuki Wagon R series for the European market was made at Suzuki s Hungarian plant. The German partner offered a similar model around this time under the name Opel Agila. In 2003, both versions underwent a restyling.
  • But the make-up interventions are not finished and the Wagon R series also stands out for its large glass surfaces, curved edges, smooth profiles, and side strips that protect the doors from minor bumps during boarding controls. The latter is an important detail, because the doors of the small Wagon R series do not open, but literally open wide allowing for easy access on board woman-cannon proof.
  • The rear cargo door also renounces the square shapes of the ancestor and is made more precious by the curved lines of the rear window, by the rounded headlights, and by the enveloping and rounded rear bumper. The Wagon R series is all-new, the aesthetics of the Japanese gain a lot in appeal, but the interventions of the Suzuki technicians do not stop at appearances and the Wagon R series still hides many surprises.

Wagon R 2019 Review

Once onboard, in fact, you can appreciate the bright interiors, the slightly raised seats, the panoramic visibility, the reassuring feeling of not being on board a box and the abundance of space for all passengers, luggage, and small objects. however, in the dashboard, the plastics used are of good quality and the controls are ergonomically positioned, but the shapes of the Wagon R series deserve some equally distinctive touches for the interior as well.

The raised driving position allows excellent visibility in all directions, the seat is well sized, and even taller people can sit comfortably and correctly behind the wheel. The steering wheel has a three-spoke design, is easy to grip and offers a turning radius, allowing for effective control. The electric steering of the Japanese does not betray even at high speeds, the reactions are never sudden and the driver always has the situation under control.

Less positive judgment, however, for the pedal, the space between the pedals is not abundant, the controls are too small and the clutch turned out to be not very progressive and excessively light. Very better to completely eliminate the pedal and turn to the version with automatic transmission which, coupled with the small size of the Wagon R series, allows for enviable agility and a vocation for stress-free shopping. Once on the move, in fact, the little Suzuki geisha immediately reveals her qualities by showing off videogame-proof handling in traffic.


During, Wagon R 2019 review process; a used car buyer supposed to note, the engine is sufficiently soundproofed and the life on board is not disturbed by annoying vibrations, hisses or creaks. The good acceleration qualities and the anorexic dimensions allow you to glide through traffic with the agility of a scooter and parking becomes a pleasure. The version with manual gearbox also performed well and the command can be controlled without jamming, but the hassle of constantly having to change gears does not justify the slight improvement in performance, especially in a car that makes city traffic its hunting territory.

It can be stated that, the height of the Wagon R 2019 for sale Tanzania series does not encourage you to attack the downhill motorway corners with the gas pedal at the end of the stroke, but it can be stated that the limits are very psychological than anything else. The "narrow, high and with wheels" setting, in fact, does not delight lovers of braking at the limit, but the behavior of the Japanese always remains very predictable, sincere and free of dangerous oscillations.


?      It is a Fuel-efficient car

?      Atrractive Design

?      Well developed Space

?      Easy Drive Experiences

?      Effective Car Safety add-ons

?      Power Brakes

?      Innovative EPS


×        Poor Suspension

×        Little Tire and allied parts

×        Low-Quality Interior Installations

×        Poor Audio

Used Car in Tanzania

As it is posted already that, “Tanzania has certain rules and regulations for cars that have arrived for trade in other countries. In Tanzania, it is important to note that Japan Inspection Association (JAAI) has vehicle inspection and licensing rights. But the good news is that if a vehicle does not pass the JAAI inspection procedure, there is a repair option.

Specifically, special documents such as export certificates, commercial invoices and invoices are required to receive the JAAI inspection certificate. Taxes and taxes vary by slot type. For example, the 2000cc machine is 25% and the VAT is 20%. For vehicles exceeding 2,000 CC; the tariff is 22% and the tax (excise) is 10%. However, buses, Lorries, pickups and passengers are 15% and VAT is 20%. For each and every process it is inevitable to get all the information about procedures to avoid traps.” 


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