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Buy Secondhand Nissan Tiida In Trinidad At Cheap Prices

  1. TIIDA 2012 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,670

  2. TIIDA 2008 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 2,120

  3. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,330

  4. TIIDA 2008 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,520

  5. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,120

  6. TIIDA 2010 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,620

  7. TIIDA 2008 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,520

  8. TIIDA 2011 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 4,080

  9. TIIDA 2009 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 3,130

  10. TIIDA 2008 Nissan TIIDA

    Price: USD 5,020

Nissan Tiida: A Dazzling Emblem of Comfort and Functionality

It is a small compact car produced by the Japanese manufacturer in 2004. The term "Tiida" is derived from an Okinawan language which means "the sun." It introduced to replace Sunny, Sentra and Pulsar launched by Nissan. This practical and family-friendly vehicle is conventional but cleverly designed to make the space useful as much as possible. Subjective styling features enough space for the users, while the interior craftsmanship is specifically designed to target comfort seeking customers. Initial first generation model named as C11 series and includes a range of variants which include ST, ST-L, Q, and Ti. Ti and Q were only available as a hatchback and sedan.


Look and Feel

Nissan Tiida for sale in Trinidad was tall, upright and somewhat boxy. Today it has morphed into a modern hatchback with a handful of technology features and major upgrades regarding style, interior, and exterior. Nissan Tiida, as compared to its predecessor, looks modern, updated and well planted. Soft crease, flowing character lines make it stunning in appearance and familiar to brand loyal customers. Inside the beast, the refined and refreshing interior offers space for five passengers with enough headroom and legroom to feel comfortable. Remarkable color combination providing a sense of calmness and the quality of material used inside the vehicle is great.



The first generation of Tiida manufactured and marketed by the company between 2004 and 2012 under C11 series. It was in two body styles which are the five-door hatchback and four-door sedans. The initial model straddled the segments of the compact car and subcompact car. The second generation Tiida introduced a five-door hatchback C12 series. It was a departure from C11 and increase dimensions to occupy compact class with maximum comfort.


Standard features list include GPS support, single screen TV and much more. Power steering and power window offering smooth transition while driving, back camera for parallel parking, blind spot detection system taking the ease and comfort inside the vehicle to the next level. Other than that, multiple sensors fitted in body offer several lighting and mechanical advantages.


Performance on the Road

2004 Nissan Tiida is powered with 1.5 liters four-cylinder petrol engine offering automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) capability. The 1.8-liter engine is also available with four-speed automatic engine in case of the entry-level model. 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces 81kW make the performance great. Light electric power steering is practical and makes the riding experience comfortable. The vehicle is continuously evolving, and the latest version is powered with all the features and upgrades necessary to enhance performance on the road. It is an economical, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle for the commuters. Nissan Tiida price in Trinidad is competitive, and range of technological upgrades makes it reasonable to buy.


Summing Up

Tiida cars for sale in Trinidad are known for offering consumer-friendly technology, modern looks, and uncluttered design. The latest Tiida cars for sale in Trinidad are smart and grown up with the decent amount of goodies. Overall design and décor is simple but functional offering great value for money. Inexcusable technology and safety features, competitive Nissan Tiida price in Trinidad are making it an exceptional purchase option.

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