Toyota Ractis - Globally Demanded Car

Toyota is famous for making cars that are very comfortable and provide the best features to the customers. This company has been manufacturing cars from a century and they have always introduced new car designs and features. Toyota ractis is one of the most selling cars in the world. The car is placed in the subcompact category and it has made its markets all over the world. The countries where this car is very famous are Japan, Pakistan, Namibia and Zambia.


The car was introduced in the year 2005 as the successor of Toyota Yaris Verso. The name Toyota Ractis is derived from three basic words which are run, activity and space. The car has offered a lot of space and features and has made huge markets all over the world. The car is divided into two generations where the first generation was sold in the market from 2005 to 2010 and the production of second generation started in 2010 and it is currently sold in the market.


toyota ractisRactis-Step by Step Improvements

The first generation Ractis car was manufactured by Toyota and Kanto Auto works. This collaboration worked out pretty well and this car was very famous in various countries. Initially, this car was only sold in Japan but the popularity of this car rose very quickly and soon this car was also available in auto markets of the world.


The second generation of ractis Toyota, also called Toyota Verso-S was launched in the year 2010 and it is still available in the market. The car is very famous among medium sized families because of its spacious interior. The subcompact design of this car has also made it very famous all over the world. The main reason of its popularity in the globe is its diversity. The car is available in different engine sizes and different transmissions. So, you can purchase it according to your requirements and needs.


Specification and Dimensionstoyota ractis

The car is ideal for Asian roads and with its superior performance and excellent drive; this is one the best options in the pool of cars. Toyota Ractis specs are excellent and after reading the specs, you will love this car. The length of this car is 158 inches while the width of this car is 67 inches. The overall weight of this car is 1475 kg and the car has an ideal dimensions. The body style of this car is 5 door hatchbacks. The countries where this car is assembled are Japan and Malaysia.


You can purchase this car in manual or automatic transmission so there is no reason to reject this car. With different engine sizes, you can choose the engine size that fits your requirements. If you want your Toyota Ractis to be fuel efficient, then you should go for 1.3 L engine and if you want a powerful engine, then you should go for 1.5 L engine.


With excellent features, this is the best subcompact car in the world and you should consider purchasing this car, if you want a car for your family.

Recommended Models

People Prefer to buy Toyota Ractis 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 & 2008 models due to their distinctive features and extra ordinary performance. If money is not an issue, perfer latest models otherwise older models are also good as latest one.


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Ractis is about 29 mpg.


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