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Toyota Aqua – Things You Need To Know About

  1. AQUA 2016 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 12,780

  2. AQUA 2016 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 7,430

  3. AQUA 2017 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 11,650

  4. AQUA 2012 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 7,430

  5. AQUA 2014 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 8,550

  6. AQUA 2012 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 7,430

  7. AQUA 2012 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 7,400

  8. AQUA 2013 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 7,430

  9. AQUA 2016 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 12,550

  10. AQUA 2017 Toyota AQUA

    Price: USD 13,660

Toyota Motors is a globally recognized automotive manufacturer that has completely changed travel experiences. With the most advanced and remarkable automobiles and solutions, the firm consistently ranks as the world-leading automobile manufacturer, dominating consumer lifestyles and rivals. The unrelenting efforts of the company and outstanding technical skills are shown by unveiling its newly designed Aqua hybrid 2014 model. The vehicle exterior has a styled body and excellent sports lines, giving it an overall attractive appearance. The inner cabin is furnished with high-quality plastic and materials to ensure that passengers and their families enjoy pleasant, comfortable, and hassle-free travel. The vehicle is equipped with a highly innovative, synergized driving system designed to give superior performance.


1. Great fuel economy rating

2. Spacious cargo

3. Extended features

4. Smooth ride


1. Meek acceleration

2. Driving position


Toyota Aqua Review

The practicality, ease of driving, and outstanding fuel efficiency of Toyota Aqua set it apart from competitors. It is outfitted with all current conveniences and technology, which contributes to its reputation. This car is quite popular with customers in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, it was recognized as one of the best-selling new cars in Japan.



The Toyota Aqua for sale in Uganda has the appearance of a stretched-out second-generation Toyota Vitz. However, the appearance of the car is quite distinctively like Toyotas. The automobile does seem to be connected to the third-generation Prius and the second-generation Vitz.

The Used Toyota Aqua has a classic contemporary Toyota front end, complete with a bulging front bumper and huge cuts and edges. Due to the huge mouth with dark grilles on the bottom and top, you get the sense of a broad face. Similarly, both sides of the front bumper feature large openings for the fog lights. The front headlights are large and appear quite similar to those on other Toyota vehicles.


Sleek Interior

When it comes to the inside of the automobile, the dashboard is rather straightforward. Additionally, it seems to be inexpensive as compared to the value associated with the Toyota Aqua 2014 price. The dashboards fit and finish or material are subpar. The plastic has a poor, scratchy feel about it.

The dashboard is accented with silver and other colors to make it visually appealing. It is rather straightforward and abandons the external design principle. Straight edges, cuts, and curves are all possible. However, it is oriented around the driver. As a result, as a driver, you get the impression that everything is within your grasp. On the passenger side, you will find a glove compartment and a large exposed pocket. In the center, you have a multimedia unit that is most likely not going to operate since it is in Japanese and requires some activation CD. There is an air conditioning control located under the head unit. The cluster panel is all digital and quite straightforward. You will get all of the standard information, as well as an EV mode warning, trip meter, battery charging, and fuel average.


Features You Need to Know

Toyota Aqua is the top-of-the-line model, loaded with vital and innovative features that emphasize the easy-to-drive qualities of the vehicle. It is a blast to drive since it maintains exceptional road grip and a quick pick-up. The view is excellent, and the clearance is fair, which contributes to the picturesque journey. This model has all standard equipment, including push start, power shutters, rear wiper, and multi-function steering and cruise control, which contribute to the increased maneuverability of the vehicle. Additionally, a distinctive display on the front depicts the energy transfer from the engine to the wheels. It boasts innovative safety technologies like Brake Assist, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking System, and Dual Airbags.



This model is almost identical to previous model classes. Toyota Aqua is a hybrid car with a 1.5-liter engine. In hybrid power mode, the engine and the hybrid battery work in tandem to power the vehicle. When combined, they provide 75 horsepower and 111Nm of torque when paired with a Continuous Variable Transmission. The hybrid engine achieves an average combined fuel efficiency of 55 miles per gallon and a fuel consumption rate of 37 kilometers per liter. The five-door hatchback accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 14.6 seconds. It is very beneficial for tight overtakes and handles excellently once the speed is reached. This automobile is clearly enjoyable to operate with such amenities and simple controls, making the trip joyful than ever before. 


Comfort and Safety

The Toyota Aqua represents an unmatched combination of safety and passenger comfort. Apart from their comfortable driving proportions, these cars are also loaded with equipment that ensures passenger safety during the ride. Toyota Aqua is an exceedingly capable family car; hence, Toyota Safety Sense is an excellent addition to the upgraded version. It is a comprehensive safety suite that incorporates lane departure warning, pre-collision braking, and automatic high beam to comply with safety regulations. Additionally, the car is fitted with nine standard airbags, stability control, and brake support for anti-lock brakes.


Driving Experience

A 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine powers Toyota Aqua. The engine is aided by a hybrid electric motor, which provides enough power and a fuel-efficient ride. It is coupled to an instantaneous response continuous variable transmission. The hybrid engine produces 75 horsepower and has an average combined fuel efficiency of 55 miles per gallon. It uses gasoline at a pace of 37 kilometers per liter due to its integrated hybrid technology, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and decreased emissions.

This vehicle has a higher performance rating than the Honda Insight Honda Fit. This variant is 265 kg lighter than the Prius, yet it still seems practical and sturdy at highway speeds. It rides comfortably and has superb road manners, accelerating from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 14.6 seconds. The controls are sensitive enough to allow for simple maneuverability while driving. Additionally, it is a well-maintained driving vehicle that offers an excellent balance of fuel efficiency and mileage.


Engine Specifications

The 1.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve four-cylinder inline engine produces 99bhp@4000RPM and is connected to a CVT Automatic Transmission.



1. What is the price range of Toyota Aqua?

Aqua is priced between $ 15000 and $ 22000, depending on condition, mileage, and model.

2. What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Aqua?

The hybrid option is quite efficient in terms of fuel usage. The average fuel usage of  Aqua is around 55 miles per gallon. This results in a decrease in idle energy consumption, which results in a reduction in fuel consumption.

3. What are the safety and security features of the Toyota Aqua?

Vehicle safety features include anti-lock brakes, head restraints, dual front airbags, and seatbelt pretensions, as well as central locking with remote control and an engine immobilizer. Additionally, the automobile earned five stars in the eco-friendly green vehicle rating system. The automobile emits 90 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

4. Describe the hybrid synergy system of Toyota Aqua?

The car is constructed economically using a hybrid synergy drive system with a 1500 cc Atkinson cycle engine and a 1kwh battery.

5. How economical is Toyota aqua?

The fuel tank size of Aqua is 36 liters and its fuel consumption is 35.4 kilometers per liter.

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