Suzuki Jimny For Sale In Cyprus

  1. JIMNY 2001 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 7,436

  2. JIMNY 1996 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,242

  3. JIMNY 1993 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 7,349

  4. JIMNY 2013 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 8,174

  5. JIMNY 2019 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 23,155

  6. JIMNY 2013 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 10,747

  7. JIMNY 1997 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,242

  8. JIMNY 2017 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 14,533

  9. JIMNY 2009 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 8,533

  10. JIMNY 2008 Suzuki JIMNY

    Price: USD 5,436

Do You Know, Off-Road Capability in Suzuki Jimny For Sale In Cyprus is Extraordinary

Inside the Suzuki Jimny for sale in cyprus, one immediately has the impression of being on a real off-road vehicle; the appearance is simple, essential, and robust, with the main controls at hand. The dominant color is black, without any concession to the fashion of bright colors.


Off-Road Capability

In front, space abounds, especially in height; the driving position, raised, is comfortable, but the manual adjustment of the backrest in steps is not very precise and the steering wheel adjusts only in height. Behind, the Suzuki Jimny offers two seats that are not very wide and difficult to access due to the three-door configuration, flat and with rigid padding. Their backrest is adjustable in inclination, to leave more space for luggage.


The trunk, in fact, is decidedly small, the capacity   seats in use is really insufficient   and forces to knock down at least one of the two rear backrests in order to stow suitcases. The loading threshold is high, from the ground and the tailgate hinged to the right is uncomfortable, difficult to open in tight spaces. It stands out for its hard and pure line and a little retro, and the strong off-road capability.


The squared off body has angular shapes, with a vertical front, a grille with the classic   slits, straight sides, accentuated wheel arches and a flat bonnet and roof. The wheels are located at the ends of the body, like on real off-road vehicles. In short, the Jimny immediately can indicate it capability to do, easily.


Little Body

As its characteristics suggest, the small Japanese car is forgiven out far from the asphalt. The Suzuki Jimny in fact, it does not betray its reputation as an effective all drive even on the toughest routes, and shows skills as a climber unknown to even the most famous off-roaders. Part of the secret, of course, lies in its lightness and small body size, which allow it to pass where many of its rivals are forced to stop.


The effective All grip PRO all-wheel drive system and low range do the rest. In the off-road test course in a wood, a used car buyer can verify the efficiency of the car on difficult terrain, overcoming difficult passages with the utmost tranquility; * its traction allowed us to climb even important obstacles almost effortlessly; as soon as it detects a loss of grip, Compact, square and nice, as well as capable of reaching where others fail.


These are the characteristics that have already popularized the new generation of Suzuki Jimny for sale in cyprus, a car that has managed not to succumb to the fashion of SUVs and is in fact presented as one of the latest true off-road vehicles.


Contributing Aspects In Cyprus

Please note, “The economy of this country is dependent on different business sectors such as tourism, financial services, real estate, food and beverage, and maritime industries. For the sake of information and used car export business, too. This free-market island states largely recovered from the recession due to the information and communication sector and the business environment.


While exports are citrus, some early horticultural products (especially potatoes and carrots) and grapes. Besides, the GDP of this tiny landscape is in progressive pace that is a good sign for used vehicle business, too. In short, Cyprus is now converting as a hotspot for used cars. Although Cyprus has been suffering because of the economic recession in the EU since the last several years but it again gaining growth to by keep recovering its socio-economic losses.” So, a used car buyer can consider to buy discussed one via used car exporter places to assure viable deal. 


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