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Subaru Sambar - Astonishing Product Of Subaru

  1. SAMBAR 2012 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 8,370

  2. SAMBAR 2007 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 4,900

  3. SAMBAR 2013 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 3,110

  4. SAMBAR 2011 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 6,540

  5. SAMBAR 2009 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 2,290

  6. SAMBAR 2009 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 6,580

  7. SAMBAR 2007 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 3,570

  8. SAMBAR 2007 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 8,550

  9. SAMBAR 2006 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 6,370

  10. SAMBAR 2012 Subaru SAMBAR

    Price: USD 6,580

Subaru Gives Confidence in Motion!

The Subaru group has its origins in United States and was founded officially in 1968.  The company is responsible for not only marketing of the Subaru vehicles but also the parts, solutions and accessories. The Subaru sambar is one of the astonishing products of the well known and reputable entity. The small vehicle was targeted initially towards the Japanese market and was sold in the micro van and kei truck body styles as per the customer demand and needs. The first model was launched and circulated for the people in 1961 and the production expands and continues till date.

The Generations of Growth and Development

The Subaru sambar has undergone transformation and modification over the widespread period of seven generations. The first generation was from 1961 to year 1966 , second generation 1966 to 1973, third generation 1973 to 1982, fourth generation 1982 to 1990, fifth generation 1990 to 1998, sixth generation 1998 to 2012 and seventh generation ranges conveniently from year 2012 till present date. The sophistication and elegance of the car is not the result of an overnight production but all these generation have witnessed the growth and development in the features and specifications of the popular Subaru sambar.


For instance the multiple aspects that were offered throughout the ears included 356 cc displacement, 3 speed manual transmission, 1670 mm wheelbase, 470 kilogram base weight, 1750 mm wheelbase, 535 kilogram base weight, 544 cc displacements, 1805 mm long wheelbase, five speed manual transmissions. Three speed automatic transmissions, 1885 mm long wheelbase, super charger, intercoolant, side impact resistance and power windows. The collective functioning of all the elements has been quite impressive and outstanding. Therefore, based on the current and potential customer reviews the vehicle has been rated the score of 7.2 on the scale of 10.

The Excellent Quality Interior and Exterior Specifications

Subaru sambar is fitted with a number of standard features that are founded in almost all the vehicles and also optional specs that are preferred by some customers to add customization and uniqueness to the car they are acquiring. The augmented features of the vehicle are easily available and quite affordable without unnecessary costs and maintenance hassle. It includes: ultra violet glass protection, sliding doors, power windows founded in former models too, power steering for splendid on road and off road performance, rack and pinion steering, row folding, driver and passenger airbags, automatic brake assist, radio player, CD player, audible speakers and optional navigation system.

High Performing Engine and Suspension System!

The mechanical composition of Subaru sambar models and variants is incredible from every angle. The engine delivers easily 48 max horse powers, 5.9 torques, 25 percent reduced emissions and carries ventilated disc brakes, drum rear brakes, strut front suspension, semi trailing rear suspension and fuel consumption as low as 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers distance. Hence, with Subaru sambar models the running costs and expenditures are very low and the vehicle could be used for both personal and professional purposes.

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