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Ssangyong Tivoli Diesel: An Escape Route from Ordinary Cars

The small SUV market is a lucrative car manufacturing industry arena overcrowded by the launch of more and more new models under different brand cachet vying for sale. Ssangyong, with the relatively unknown market proposition, is finding too hard to penetrate the market through innovations. However, this Korean auto manufacturer by launching small cheap SUV is successful in taking the lead. It means in such an overcrowded market segment, Low-cost ownership of Ssangyong Tivoli diesel for sale is something which can warrant it a second glance.


Akin To a Family Hatchback


Competing with rivals like Nissan Juke and Kia soul offering look and feel of an off-roader and performance like a family hatchback, Ssangyong Tivoli diesel for sale is also an eye candy for family-oriented buyers. It is a longer and slightly bigger version of initial Tivoli, offering an extended length from the C-pillar up to the tailgate. The exceptional liveliness and enviable driver-ability along a decent level of utility are making it a hard to ignore compact car.


Pinnacle of Sales Success


SsangYong proudly presented the diesel version of Tivoli with innovative design, built to perform efficiency and state of art technology offering amazing value for money. From high-class safety specifications to the wide range of accessories that enable people to customize their cars and enrich their lifestyle everything comes in as standard. SsangYong Tivoli diesel for sale is incredibly an adequate choice for people haunting a crossover between a car and an SUV. Affordable road tax, economical diesel and low carbon footprints make this comfortable, affordable and adorable SUV perfect to accommodate long commuting needs.


Design to Perform


People hunting for a highly functional as well as practical off-roader need to opt for Ssangyong Tivoli diesel for sale. The vehicle with large cabins, boot volumes offering a generous number of storage spaces as well. Than to smart steer system fitted inside the car to enhance performance agility. 1.6-liter e-Xdi160 diesel unit offering strong performance with low CO2 emission allow it perform efficiently. Manual transmission with integrated stop-start, intuitively design the smart user interface and a wide array of decent driving dimensions contribute to enhancing the driver experience.




Comfortable, easy to drive and efficient Ssangyong Tivoli diesel for sale is also known for offering high-class safety specifications. Active and passive features for safety include airbags, strong body structure increasing multi-function electronic stability control, active rollover protection, brake assist, hill start assist and emergency stop signal, tire pressure monitoring and much more to ensure passenger protection.


Bottom Line


SsangYong Tivoli diesel for sale is a pinnacle reflecting unique design identity of SsangYong Motors. With dynamic and robust outlook it embodies character lines enabling it to be a dominant player among rivals. Albeit years of experience building SUV, Ssangyong Tivoli diesel for sale Tivoli has marked an impressive breakthrough for brands. After petrol, this diesel variant is representing the unique milestone for the brand as it is more exciting, efficient and agile than the predecessor. SsangYong Tivoli diesel price and its value proposition as the most capable, desirable and best value model are influencing buyers to opt for this efficient contender.

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