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  1. NAVARA 2010 Nissan NAVARA

    Price: USD 12,850

  2. RAM 2004 Nissan RAM

    Price: USD 11,120

  3. NAVARA 2007 Nissan NAVARA

    Price: USD 14,100

  4. AMAROK 2015 Nissan AMAROK

    Price: USD 18,700

  5. L200 2018 Nissan L200

    Price: USD 39,500

  6. HILUX 1993 Nissan HILUX

    Price: USD 5,250

  7. HILUX 2017 Nissan HILUX

    Price: USD 32,240

  8. AMAROK 2014 Nissan AMAROK

    Price: USD 15,160

  9. L200 2013 Nissan L200

    Price: USD 22,500

  10. L200 2019 Nissan L200

    Price: USD 39,500

Overview of Small Pickup Trucks

The term pickup for a vehicle originates from the English word usage and means as much as "recharge / carry". The pickup has its origins in America and Australia, where the pick-up served farms and small businesses for daily transports. Fundamentally a small pickup truck is frequently resulting from an off-road truck it has a wide open loading area at the rear of the vehicle as well as a smaller passenger compartment at the front which is also called interior is also the case of an off-road vehicle. Because of the open design of the loading area, the small truck can be used for a range of transports and very easy to loading and unloading of the cargo.

Creation of a Classic Pickup

In the US, pickups were used very early and they did their work in agriculture, on farms and in the military. Traditionally, American pickups have been equipped with large-volume petrol engines with 8 cylinders, in order to exert a lot of force on the vehicle even with heavy loading. Quickly the pickups in the country transformed into the unlimited possibilities and were upgraded by various tuners to offer.

Pickups in Europe

In Europe the small pickup doesn’t have a ravishing past and could never really get through. Only the VW Caddy based on the VW Golf I could achieve sales, but still remained behind the expectations of Volkswagen. Japanese models were also unable to convince the buyer in many European countries, so the sales market tended to be in the rest of Europe. The engine was rather smaller than the American counterparts designed with smaller diesel engines to ensure a good efficiency. Most popular models came from Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan. All these models are very famous due to their reliability and high performance that grabs the attentions of consumers.

Future of the Pickup

On the different market, small pickups enjoy a new popularity and a whole new consumer market. In addition to the Isuzu D-MAX and classics from GMC, the VW Amarok has opened a new feel for these transporters and since 2010 the commercial vehicle division of Volkswagen has expanded.

Brands As Pickup Truck

There are many brands of small and medium size pickup trucks some of them includes Dodge pickup, Chevrolet Pickup, Isuzu pickup, Fiat pickup, Ford pickup, Nissan Pickup, Toyota pickup, Dacia Pickup, Skoda pickup and Mitsubishi pickup. Moreover, the popular pickup models include: Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara , Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200.


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