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Nissan Skyline Crossover - Ideal Car

  1. SKYLINE 2015 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 14,650

  2. SKYLINE 2012 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 3,020

  3. SKYLINE 2012 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 2,730

  4. SKYLINE 2014 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 12,830

  5. SKYLINE 2013 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 3,930

  6. SKYLINE 2014 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 19,480

  7. SKYLINE 2014 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 16,580

  8. SKYLINE 2007 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 1,950

  9. SKYLINE 2012 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 2,980

  10. SKYLINE 2012 Nissan SKYLINE

    Price: USD 3,040

Specifications of Nissan Skyline Crossover

This upscale sports crossover embodies the elegance of a coupe and the versatility of an SUV. V6-engine volume of 3.7 liters with valve DOHC system reaches 90% of the maximum torque in the range of 2400 to 7000 rpm. This engine combines a high capacity and ease of use. The Nissan Skyline Crossover has an ability to idle at inclusion of transfer N mean neutral - during a the car stop at a traffic light or even stuck in a traffic jam in the city the engine of the car does not transmit torque to the transmission, which gives it a good fuel economy. All models come standard with the navigation system. Some modifications are also equipped with a system of circular view Around View Monitor with the function when parking and wide front / rear-view.

nissan skyline crossoverNissan Skyline Crossover Features

Skyline crossover Sports option in conjunction with the SUV has been produced, but under a different name the Infiniti EX35. Outwardly, they are very much alike, but there are some differences in the vehicle. Dimensions of new items look and feel of a family people who often enjoy the compact SUV: car width 180 cm, length 463 cm and height 160 cm. The front part has a shape that is most characteristic of cars with body type hatchback; a smooth transition from the roof to the hood gives the Nissan Skyline Crossover a great style. The elegant and classic look makes the appearance of an SUV rather interesting.

The first difference inside the car by a similar version of the EX35 is the engine, the new model set a new engine volume of 3.7 liter with 330 hp and a torque of 36.8 kg / m. Paired with the engine will run for 7-speed automatic transmission, which in contrast to the 5-speed will open up new possibilities of the engine.

Nissan Skyline crossover Interior/Exteriornissan skyline crossover

Despite its rather large weight of the Skyline Crossover is ideally included in the turns, perfectly behaves on the road, and of course like any other SUV is able to overcome difficult obstacles. As for the suspension, it is all very simple. For fuel economy, the car usually runs on rear wheel drive, but if there is a bad contact with the road, automatically connects the front axle. Course will be present configuration and all-wheel drive. Inside, the front seats moved the car forward a little, allowing the passengers to the rear feel more comfortable. The interior and exterior are ideal for a crossover which is comfy and stylish.

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