Nissan March - A Best Hatchback Car

  1. MARCH 2011 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,470

  2. MARCH 2020 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 7,050

  3. MARCH 2012 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,210

  4. MARCH 2020 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 4,890

  5. MARCH 2010 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 4,090

  6. MARCH 2012 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,040

  7. MARCH 2018 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 8,160

  8. MARCH 2017 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,700

  9. MARCH 2018 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 5,700

  10. MARCH 2008 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,750


nissan marchThe Nissan March Hatchback is the new Nissan Micra. The Nissan March Hatchback was incepted in Thailand and it goes by the name Micra in some markets. The March Hatchback features a cosmetic makeover and has a unique design. A new Nissan March Hatchback for sale has revised headlamps with a stylish grille. Its interior offers great comfort and is design to suit your convenience requirements. March Hatchback gives a combination of performance, exclusivity and power. Its size gives it the ability to maneuver freely around the city. The Nissan March Hatchback is available in different colors including onyx black, turquoise blue, olive green, brick red, blade silver and storm white. In Japanese used car model, most successful models of this car include Nissan March 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2005, 2000.


Nissan March Generations

1)First generation (K10; 1982–1992)
    (1.1) Micra K10 (1.2) Super S (1.3) Super Turbo

2) Second generation (K11; 1992–2003)
    (2.1) Micra K11 (2.2) K11C (facelift) (2.3) Bolero (2.4) Super S

3) Third generation (K12; 2002–2010)
    (3.1) Micra K12 (3.2) 2004 update, (3.3) 2005 update (3.4) Micra K12C

4) Fourth generation (K13; 2010–2016)
    (4.1) Nissan Micra K13 (2010–2016)

5) Fifth generation (K14; 2017–present)


Exterior Features

The March Hatchback interior is well and uniquely style. Specially the sport version of this car offers comfort like no other car. The Nissan March Hatchback includes a chisel shaped grille that is bound to turn heads wherever you drive the Hatchback.


The front design of the March Hatchback exudes confidence and thrill. Its electronically controlled side mirrors are easily adjustable. The mirrors offer parking convenience or when maneuvering in tight spots or narrow edges. All this are made easier by the press of a button to move the mirrors.


Additionally, the March Hatchback has LED lamps for better illumination of the road ahead. The lamps use technology that sets a powerful lighting that is able to cut through any form of darkness or low light situations. Moreover, it has fog lamps that provide innovative illumination even through a thick fog. The chromed fog lamps will ensure your safety while driving and gives you the thrill and adventure of driving the Hatchback in foggy conditions.


Interior Accessories

nissan marchThe Nissan March hatchbuck interior has a state of the art styling. The uniqueness and thought with which it was design is impressive. It has an authentic piano black finish at the centre of the console. This gives the Hatchback a sleek and glossy touch that you would not find on any Hatchback. The seats are made of fabric that offers premium comfort. Sink into the seats of the Hatchback and enjoy your drive to your preferred destination. The front seats are equipped with buckets with micro fiber inserts.


The interior is spacious enough to give you easy movement while inside the March Hatchback. Enter the Hatchback by opening the doors thought he chrome door handles. The handles reflect a touch of excellence and stress the stylish feel of the Nissan March Hatchback.


More Accessories

The March Hatchback is equipped with high-end technology accessories that provide better handling of the Hatchback and convenience. It is equipped with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) that enhance its acceleration, promotes better fuel economy and a smoother performance.


The steering wheel is equipped with controls. Even a used Nissan March Hatchback has audio controls mounted on the steering wheel brings entertainment to your fingertips. Control what you want to listen to without having to move a muscle. An additional feature is an integrated Bluetooth hands-free phone system with voice recognition. This feature enables you to make calls while driving and you do not have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road. An air conditioner cools the cabin.  Get the most out of every drive and keep distractions to a minimum.



Nissan March is available within price range of 1000 USD to 6000 USD depending upon condition, model and mileage.



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