Nissan Cube - The Box Out And In

  1. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 1,840

  2. CUBE 2011 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 2,850

  3. CUBE 2009 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 1,920

  4. CUBE 2010 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 4,750

  5. CUBE 2012 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 3,500

  6. CUBE 2013 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 2,270

  7. CUBE 2009 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 1,960

  8. CUBE 2017 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 6,620

  9. CUBE 2017 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 5,070

  10. CUBE 2014 Nissan CUBE

    Price: USD 1,890

The Nissan Cube is not just the box from inside; rather it is a box outside as well. The level of protection and class that this vehicle brings make it a box of greater significance standing distinctively for better future giving Nissan Cube review a shine.


The Nissan Cube was initially launched in 1998 for the market of Japan, the extension to the un-tap markets are still happening, although a huge chunk of market has been satisfied. Nissan Cube 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2008 & 2005 are the most successful models of this car. It is the level of premium advantages that Nissan Cube brings that make it a heart throb for its customers.


Individuality in Body style

NISSAN CUBEThe Nissan Cube is a vehicle that brings unprecedented individuality with its unique shape. The unique box like appearance has further been improved with unique wrap around rear windows and the rounded side windows, making an asymmetrical new cube. The availability of Alloy Wheels further gives a touch of class with a tough look to carry. This gives durability to a new level with stylish design to give a distinctive look.


The unibody chassis gives it an advantage in case of collision damage, as the least part is cramped. The three parts are made independently in unibody structure, so if a part has some disruption other parts have no damages. The colors available are Red, Blue and Green aside from typical Silver, Black and White giving options of multi-color to customer at the time of purchase.


Blooming Interior Diverse OptionsNISSAN CUBE

The Nissan Cube specs show that interior is designed in a way that it best suits need of different customers. If you look for a no frill version or fully packed specification Nissan Cube, we have trims to support all. The features that give a illuminating look and feel, contributing positively to Nissan Cube price are, the Power Window and Power Steering as an option that makes the window up and down movement and steering rotation easy without much force requirement.


The entertainment is at the premium level with the aid of Tv and Navigation single screen giving the road maps and program tuning a break. The other options include Climate Control System which with the help of AC and seating separate options gives a calm and cozy environment to all.


Space Optimization With Experience

The space is optimized with the proper seating arrangement and front panel so everyone get enough area to sit. The back of Nissan Cube has space for luggage storage with greater ease, so whether it is a family trip or friends’ day out you can store enough in this small vehicle.


Engine Specs of Nissan Cube Generations

First Generation Z10 (1998–2002)
   Engine : 1.3L CG13DE I4 || 1.3L CGA3DE I4


Second Generation Z11 (2002–2008)

   Engine :  1.4L CR14DE I4  ||  1.5L HR15DE I4


Third Generation (2008–2014)

   Engine : 1.5L HR15DE I4 || 1.6L HR16DE I4 || 1.8L MR18DE I4 || 1.5L K9K I4 dCi


Fuel Consumption /  MPG

Average fuel consumption - 26 MPG


Nissan Cube 2013

The latest Nissan Cube has a curved interior with raindrop inspired roof. The interior can be personalized further with the options of shaggy dash topper, bold trim accents and much more. The exterior has the parking advantage due to the compact shape with efficient engine mechanism for smooth drive. The body art is personalized further with aero-kit and more personalization features offered by the company. The safety is further advanced with more technology facilitation of Braking and traction system with smart technology usage. The Advance Air Bag System with dual stage supplement front air bags and outboard head occupant gives safety optimization.


Overall whether it is the latest brand or oldest one, the Nissan Cube price is well justified.

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