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Honda Mobilio Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption In MPG|Japanese used cars

Honda Mobilio Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption in MPG

Honda Mobilio - The Mini Van

Honda has been in market since 1948 and has the privilege of being the largest motorbike manufacturer since 1959. It has been the largest internal combustion engine maker across world, manufacturing more than 14 million products every year. Honda stands at eighth position as being the world’s largest manufacturer, so the automobile and motorcycle business are there core facilities.


The Honda Mobilio review shows us that though the vehicle manufacturing had a short span from 2001 to 2008; but the revival is happening in 2014, when the manufacturing will restart. It in its first life span was replaced by Honda Freed, though the rebirth involves a complete revamp with better and unique shape and will be based on Honda Brio.


The Honda Mobilio specifications gave the following advantages to the vehicle.


Performance Efficiency

HONDA MOBILIOThe performance is at the best, though 1500 CC engine that remained constant throughout the era. The engine improved over the years aesthetically, with the power change from 90 hp to 110 hp in front wheel front engine layout. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) was available with unlimited gearshifts option between maximum and minimum values. The flexibility of CVT leads to angular velocity consistency in input shaft. This gave fuel efficiency with revolution per minute (RPM) optimization.


The VTEC engine brought power advantage with fuel economy protected. The 7 speed manual and automatic transmission brought in touch of real time driving experience by manual shift of gears alongside the less tiring gear option with touch of automation.


Design Layout

The design of the vehicle is beautiful enough with the glow on the body structure. The chassis remained unique throughout the generations, but the body went through minute changes. The uni-body structure gives collision protection against greater damage to overall body of the car. The vehicle has bold light with curvy bumper and much more.


Features FlexibilityHONDA MOBILIO

The exterior features include the Alloy Wheels for style and finishing of this Honda Mobilio, with the tires being supported indirectly with strong rims. The Roof Rail give ease to outside storage of luggage that might be greater in length or width to come inside. The multiple colors of Red, Green and Blue alongside White, Black and Silver give mark of differentiation giving customer the choice to purchase one that it likes. Also the Rs, E, S and V variants bring a touch of excitement to the Honda Mobilio.


The interior included the power features of Power Window for smooth transition of window up and down with the Power Steering to support the steering wheel sensitivity in turning. This gave less input to high output ratio to the window and steering wheel. The front dashboard has radio, CD player and cigarette lighter plug for entertainment and pleasure; but the installment of screen that acts as a TV and Navigation gives new level of leisure with complete information of roads.
The safety is fully covered with the Anti-lock Braking system to reduce brake lock probability and Traction Control for optimization of traction. Hence no matter how tricky the maneuver is under steering and over steering is performed to efficiency.


The re-introduction of vehicle with improved Honda Mobilio specifications is a good Omen. We believe it will tap the unaddressed market this time with a bang.


Recommended Models

If you are looking to buy a used Honda Mobilio from Japanese used car market, the 2016, 2015, 2014, 2011, 2008, 2006 and 2003 are the most recommended models of this car.