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  1. MINI 2004 BMW MINI

    Price: USD 4,924

  2. Z3 2000 BMW Z3

    Price: USD 6,009

  3. X3 2014 BMW X3

    Price: USD 27,773

  4. X1 2010 BMW X1

    Price: USD 7,405

  5. X6 2020 BMW X6

    Price: USD 11,698

  6. X1 2016 BMW X1

    Price: USD 24,933

  7. MINI 2004 BMW MINI

    Price: USD 5,339

  8. X6 2008 BMW X6

    Price: USD 16,764

  9. X1 2018 BMW X1

    Price: USD 27,971

  10. X1 2013 BMW X1

    Price: USD 9,915

The BMW 5 Series has been BMW s flagship series for mid-size cars that combine performance with a luxury experience since 1975. Currently, the BMW 5 Series is on its seventh generation. However, this review will talk about the fifth-generation, specifically the BMW 5 Series 2007 variants.

The BMW 5 Series 2007 comes in sedan and wagon variants. Regardless of engine size or equipment level, the BMW 5 Series 2007 has amazing acceleration, the car handling is precise and well balanced, and it has great breaks. Additionally, it comes with a conventional manual transmission which is not common in this class of cars.

The BMW 5 Series 2007 has six models, with three different possible engines and two body types.

  • 525i Sedan
  • 525xi Sedan
  • 530i Sedan
  • 530xi Sedan
  • 530xi Sports Wagon
  • 550i Sedan

    The BMW 5 Series 2007 reviews highlight that the consumer gets the features and comforts present in full-size luxury sedans in a smaller, sportier package. It is an excellent balance between interior space and physical size. Critics and industry engineers see this series as a benchmark. Additionally, it is one of the selling series of cars by BMW after the Series 3.

    The BMW 5 Series 2007 is an excellent combination of comfort, performance, tech features in a compact package. However, some of the features like the i-Drive point and click system have a learning curve. Furthermore, with Active Steering, Active Roll Stabilization, and manual transmission availability, this series is geared towards people who prefer a well-engineered driving experience.


    The review of  BMW 5 Series 2007 will delve into the features and highlights of the interior, the exterior of the cars with an emphasis on safety, and a few things to keep in mind when buying a used BMW 5 Series 2007.

    A walkaround a BMW 5 Series 2007

    The BMW 5 Series is much more compact than larger sedans, making it easier to maneuver around tight spaces and park. The 5 Series follows similar design themes introduced and is now a staple of the larger 7 Series sedans. Critics when talking about in a BMW 5 Series 2007 review point out that with the flared nostrils look in the front and the way the trunk is shaped, the BMW 5 Series feels like two halves of two different cars, but this may just be the way BMW achieved their goal of creating a compact sports sedan.

    However, despite what the critics may have said, the BMW 5 Series has done exceptionally well in sales and is the reason why a used BMW 5 Series 2007 remains a viable choice for people looking to buy a compact luxury sedan or sports wagon. Additionally, BMW 5 Series 2007 have Xenon adaptive headlights as a standard feature on the 530i and above variants. Adaptive means the lenses turn while steering, throwing light around the turning curve in the direction the car is traveling.

    The standard feature inside a BMW 5 Series 2007

    BMW 5 Series adds a lot more interior space than previous generations. The improvement in the area is more obvious in the back. In addition, the paneling is rich and feels luxurious. The BMW 5 Series 2007 has a draped leather look and feel for the upholstery. The models with the optional sports options have far too many options, which may be overwhelming to some but will be welcome for those who like to adjust their seats in very specific ways.

    The dashboard is the familiar double-wave theme demarking the instruments on the driver side and the dash center, which is dominated by a large electronic screen highlighting the various control options, system information, and the navigation map or Night Vision image if equipped. Most of the major functions are controlled by the i-Drive. The master control is within easy reach. But it has a learning curve before it becomes intuitive to use.

    Safety and Security in BMW 5 Series 2007 Cars

    The BMW 5 Series boasts the standard that one expects from BMW in terms of safety and security features. The BMW 5 Series 2007 does not add anything exclusively new to the 5th generation of the 5 Series. Key Features that are worth highlighting are:
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  • Four-wheel disc brakes with brake proportioning, cornering, and stability enhancements.
  • The airbag array includes head protection and side-impact airbags for front seats. The rear seat array is optional and must be specifically activated by the dealer.
  • Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control are standard on AWD models.
  • Flat tire monitors are standard on all BMW 5 Series 2007 variants, and run-flat tires are also available.

    Things to check when buying a used BMW 5 Series 2007 car

    The reliability of the BMW 5 Series is undeniable; however, with time and usage, things do get worn down. Nevertheless, these key things, if checked, will ensure that you can avoid any problems with the purchase of a used BMW 5 Series 2007 variant.

The run-flat tires that are fairly standard can develop leaks and are expensive to replace, which means that many people swapped those out with conventional tires. However, BMW tested these variants with run-flats.

Additionally, check the airbags, fuel pump, stability control system, and the engine and clutch to make sure they are properly serviced.

Issues with axle and suspension may be there if a car has been in use for more than 100,000 km, so be on the lookout for strange noises.

And lastly, be sure to check the iDrive infotainment system because, without it, heating, music, phone, and other systems will not work. However, all variants from 2005 onwards are more reliable in this regard. So your used BMW 5 Series 2007 car would have not this issue.


How many models are available for BMW 5 Series 2007?

The BMW 5 Series 2007 has six models, with three different possible engines and two body types.

  • 525i Sedan
  • 525xi Sedan
  • 530i Sedan
  • 530xi Sedan
  • 530xi Sports Wagon
  • 550i Sedan

What transmissions are available?
Depending on the model, the car is equipped with a standard six-speed manual transmission, an optional six-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) or STEPTRONIC automatic transmission is available.

What makes BMW 5 Series 2007 variants different from previous iterations of the fifth generation?
Vehicles with sports packages have a different wheel design and 20-way adjustable front seats. In addition, the cars may be equipped with BMW s night vision system, which can detect obstacles in front to a distance of 1000 feet.

What features does the infotainment system provide?
A standard music system and infotainment package with an additional auxiliary jack for mp3 players and HD radio.


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