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Volkswagen Arteon Review

  1. ARTEON 2018 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 32,430

  2. ARTEON 2020 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 40,660

  3. ARTEON 2017 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 29,930

  4. ARTEON 2018 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 38,530

  5. ARTEON 2018 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 39,390

  6. ARTEON 2017 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 20,110

  7. ARTEON 2018 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 32,970

  8. ARTEON 2017 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 25,530

  9. ARTEON 2019 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 36,720

  10. ARTEON 2019 Volkswagen ARTEON

    Price: USD 33,780

The German manufacturer unveiled the Volkswagen Arteon in 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show and Chicago Auto Show. However, the first car hit most markets in 2019 and 2020. Volkswagen then went ahead and facelifted the Volkswagen Arteon and launched that in 2021. So, most used Volkswagen Arteon on sale are either the  2019 or 2020 models with the occasional 2021 model. A newer model is also slated for release in 2022.

The Volkswagen Arteon is a luxury five-door car that comes in either liftback or shooting brake shape. The Shooting brake is the station wagon-style variant of this particular car by Volkswagen. And if you’re looking to buy a used Volkswagen Arteon, then you can get one of six engines in petrol and diesel with an option for a plug-in hybrid model known as the e-hybrid.


Used Volkswagen Arteon: A Review

So looking to buy a used Volkswagen Arteon but not sure what the car is about. This Volkswagen Arteon review will cover features are included in the three trims and the safety features included in those trims available for the Arteon. Additionally, it is to be noted that Volkswagen facelifted the car in 2020 for the 2021 line-up, and a newer version is already slated for markets in 2022.



The Volkswagen Arteon variants:

You can find a used Volkswagen Arteon in either SE, SEL R-Line, and SEL Premium R-Line. These represent the features and conveniences you can get in the car. Besides the features, the Volkswagen Arteon comes in either petrol, diesel, or hybrid engine with a 6-speed manual, 7-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gear), or 8-speed automatic transmission. Also, be sure to check what kind of wheel drive is available on the used Volkswagen Arteon for sale. Additionally, minor changes may also be there in aesthetics depending on the model year.




The SE variant of the Volkswagen Arteon comes equipped with 18-inch wheels, which are connected to adaptive suspension dampers. The front end has LED headlights. Keyless ignition and entry give it an air of luxury. The interior is done in simulated leather and offers heated front seats with tri-zone climate controls. The infotainment system is controlled via an eight-inch touchscreen, and the instrument panel is fully digital. Crisp audio comes out of the eight-speaker audio system. In addition to all this, Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity with in-car Wifi-Hotspot is also included in the base SE variant.


SEL R-Line

If you opt for the SEL R-Line variant when buying a used Volkswagen Arteon, it keeps the features of the SE variant while upgrading certain features and adding new ones. The tires are upgraded to 19-inch. The front end has adaptive headlights which swivel when turning to improve illumination during turning. The body kit gets a stylish upgrade for a sporty look. The interior has leather on the seats with a panoramic sunroof and the addition of shift paddles, all illuminated by adjustable ambient lighting. The SEL R-Line also gives the capability to remotely start the car and wireless charging.


SEL Premium R-Line

The SEL Premium R-Line is the best trim that you can get in a used Volkswagen Arteon. This particular variant has everything that the other two have and then adds and upgrades several more features. First, the tires get upgraded to 20-inches. The interior gets serious upgrades. The steering wheel is heated with ventilated front seats and the heating option available for the rear seats. The driver seat gets a massaging option. Not only that, there is rear-seat climate control and USB-C charging port in the back too. And lastly, it adds a full-size spare tire in the boot.


The Volkswagen Arteon Safety Features:

The Volkswagen Arteon has

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