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2012 Volkswagen GTI For Sale – What to Look for?

  1. GOLF 2019 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 21,150

  2. GOLF 2010 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 5,700

  3. GOLF 2003 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 13,120

  4. GOLF 2010 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 4,580

  5. GOLF 2011 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 6,450

  6. GOLF 2009 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 8,420

  7. GOLF 2014 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 8,350

  8. GOLF 2011 Volkswagen GOLF

    Price: USD 5,960

Volkswagen is a leading and luxury automotive company that has brought valued and distinctive technologies to valuable consumers. The GTI golf course is one of the best designs. The car was introduced officially in 1983. Since then, it has undergone many changes across six different generations.

The Volkswagen Golf 2012 is an upgraded version of the Volkswagen basic golf course. It is handled more and has a flexible style that fits sporty engines nicely. With its unique style and excellent performance, the hatchback of three or five doors has surpassed previous generation models. The vehicle nearest rivals include Honda civic SI, Mazda, and mini cooper. Despite the cuts in the neck, the trademark remained firm and the same.

The Fl Inside

With its curved rim, red stitching, and three chrome-plated spokes, the steering wheel is a joy to look at and to wrap your hands around. The sports seats provide enough support due to their prominent side bolsters. However, they are more cushioned than many of the Golf competitors more extreme chair designs. The interior exudes an air of real elegance that no other overall performance hatchback, except Audis outrageously costly S3, can equal. With a 350-liter trunk and decent rear room despite the fat-backed racing seats, the GTI is capable of practical family travel.

When it comes to specifying their Golf GTI, buyers have a choice of two transmissions and two body types. There are three-door and five-door models. The former has a somewhat more dynamic appearance, and the latter provides greater utility. The base powertrain is a six-speed manual, but Volkswagens renowned DSG twin-clutch gearbox with wheel-mounted paddle shifters was also available to new model purchasers for an additional 2012 Volkswagen GTI Price of £1,200. The GTIs standard equipment includes dual-zone temperature control, an anti-lock braking system, ESP stability control, and seven airbags, including those for the driver knees.

Parameters of the Engine

The vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter engine with a TSI direct injection system. The engine generates a handy 220 horsepower and about 350 lb-ft of torque. Its six-speed manual gearbox provides effortless acceleration without turbo lag. The automatic gearbox is very efficient and achieves an acceptable level of fuel efficiency over long distances. Front-wheel drive vehicles run on premium unleaded gasoline, resulting in low CO2 emissions and an environmentally friendly journey.

The vehicle measures 1491 mm in height, 1799 mm in width, and 4349 mm in length, with a decent towing capability. Rack and pinion suspension with a 10.9-meter minimum rotation cycle. The front brakes are vented discs, while the rear brakes are discs. Engineers and specialists have meticulously developed the engine specification in order to offer the greatest value for money.

Appearance and Styling

The car exterior has been enhanced with bright hues, but the inside has been kept subdued. The materials and components included have been rigorously inspected for quality. The LED headlights are razor-sharp, the seats are luxuriously crafted, and the decorations are exquisitely designed. Everything is ergonomically positioned correctly in the car. Additional features include an automated temperature control system for a more tranquil journey, 18-inch alloy wheels, adjustable steering, cruise control, a multifunctional console box, a power sunroof, a full multimedia package, and leather upholstery.

Ratings for Safety

The ratings are influenced by customer feedback and accident testing performed on roads and highways to guarantee driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. Out of five-star ratings, the entire vehicle earns 4.5 stars.

Individual characteristics are evaluated as follows:

  • 4 stars for performance and ride
  • 5 stars for comfort and interior
  • 4 stars for quality and design
  • 4 stars for value and features.

The following are the safety ratings:

  • The ANCAP crash test receives a five-star rating on a five-star scale, which is an excellent rating
  • The eco-friendliness of a vehicle is rated at 4.5 stars, making it a popular option for many consumers.

 Despite the unique features and characteristics of a vehicle, it is affordably priced. Numerous dealers now offer consumers pre-owned Volkswagen GTI.

Driving Experience

The sixth-generation Golf GTI retains the mighty 2.0-liter TSI petrol engine that propelled the Mk-V Golf GTI. It was a remarkable feat of engineering at the time, but updated piston rings, an improved oil pump, a high-pressure fuel pump, and a fully redesigned induction system promise even greater competency. The maximum output is 207bhp, an increase of 10bhp over the prior generation vehicle, and the turbocharged engine continues to accelerate wonderfully, smoothly, and gradually. While the highest power is produced between 5,300 and 6,200rpm, the highest torque of 279Nm is continuously generated between 1,700 and 5,200rpm. As a result, when idling at a traffic signal, 62mph is only 6.9 seconds away, and if you are not on a public route, a maximum speed of 149mph is possible.

Selling point

The hatchback shape gives flexibility, while the inside has a sophisticated feel due to the materials used. Despite its comfortable ride, the GTI achieves excellent fuel efficiency, allowing you to save money at the pump. There are many safety features and strong roof strength tests, which earned the vehicle a "good" grade from the Insurance safety testing.


1. Spacious rear seats

2. Hatchback versatility

3. Comfortable rise


1. Lack of interior storage

2. Lacks all-wheel drive

3. Repairs can be expensive


1. How is the hatchback of Volkswagen 2012?

This hatchback offers exceptional grip in tight bends and agile, accurate handling. Brakes ensure that you come to a complete stop without incident.

2. Does Volkswagen 2012 come with a touchscreen interface?

While the touchscreen interface for audio controls works well in general, it may be sluggish to respond to user input when linked to an iPod or other digital music player.

3. Is Volkswagen fuel efficient?

The 2012 Volkswagen Passat combines elegance and economy, earning up to 32 highway mpg.

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