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Know Details About Mazda Biante 2012

  1. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 11,490

  2. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 7,640

  3. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 1,827

  4. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 6,840

  5. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 8,000

  6. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 6,650

  7. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 5,600

  8. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 5,300

  9. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 8,020

  10. BIANTE 2012 Mazda BIANTE

    Precio: USD 7,000

Mazda Biante 2012

Originally, the car was produced only in Japan for the local market. Other country where the sales started became Indonesia, where the minivan Mazda Bias presented at the 2012 IIMS exhibition. Even in the course of the exhibition received pre-orders for 1300 cars equipped with fuel efficient engines SkyActiv. Later sales Biante launched in other countries in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the Chinese administrative region of Hong Kong.

Overview of Features

mazda bianteThe car in the Mazda line located between the models of MPV and Premacy. Biante name comes from the Italian word ambiente. The company Mazda created minivan that can accommodate 8 people platform. Mazda Biante 2012 is a family minivan with a spacious 8-seater cabin and serious possibilities of its transformation. Biante 2012 has an original appearance with elegant, typically body lines. The main advantage can be called Biante 2012 is spaciousness and comfortable. The main feature of the Mazda Biante 20102 is exterior slightly elongated headlights that seem to merge with the front window glass.

Spacious Interior

Mazda engineers paid much attention to the cabin comfort and ease of use. Mazda Biante 2012 has seats with dirt-repellent coating, built-in deodorizer ceiling, sliding doors on both sides and lower as compared to the arrangement of the front seats rear seats. The last row is a solid sofa, rest of which consists of two halves that can be folded. The last two rows of seats are mounted on the common rail, allowing adjusting the distance between them, to ensure maximum passenger comfort. The rear seats can be folded, but the total capacity of the Mazda Biante luggage compartment is only slightly superior to a smaller minivan Premacy.

Specifications of Mazda Biante 2012

Dimensions Mazda Biante exceeds Premacy: length - 4715 mm, width - 1770 mm, height - 1855 mm. The ground clearance of 150 mm and a soft suspension tuning comfortably allow traveling out of the city even on country roads. The suspension consists of a strut front and multi-link rear suspension.  The car comes with an engine capacity of 2.0 and 2.3 liters, and a larger volume of the motor only works on high-octane gasoline (AI-98). Modifications to the engine equipped with 2.3-petals shift paddles located on the steering wheel. All vans come with automatic transmission. Moreover, with the engines supplied SkyActiv six-speed transmission, and the rest of the modifications put a five-speed. Fuel consumption on the two-liter engine is 11.1 liters in the urban cycle and 8.3 on the highway

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