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zimbabweMr Pasca Chabata from Zimbabwe

January 28, 2017 - Zimbabwe
Mr Pasca Chabata from Zimbabwe

It just started as a confirmation of how we can buy a car from SBT since I had very little money according to my knowledge. But Muhammad Usman Raja started calling me at least 3 times a day pushing to know how much i had and the type of car I wanted. I tried to block him and I regretted why I had consulted him at the first place . I was shocked when he told me that ,that little I had could bring the car of my wife’s dream to Dar es salaam. He helped me on how to deposit the money and within 4 days they received my money. Muhammad advised me to start looking for the money to fuel the car to Chirundu and the money for duty. It took me only 7 weeks to search for the car on SBT website and have it parked at my house in Hre . I never thought buying a car can be that easy to a lower income earner like me. Muhammad Usman Raja turned himself from a conman to a hero/ a super star bcz at first I thought is a thief trying to steal from me. I had never seen somebody who is so committed to his work like that. I’m enjoying life in my Mazda Premacy 7 seater. M.USAMANRAJA you are a star..

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