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Sbt JapanMalawi

Mr. Mbale This is to let you know that I have received [...]
Mr. Masaninga
The reward you get from dealing with a professional car [...]
Good Vision Glasses
On behalf of OneDollarGlasses-Malawi- (Good Vision [...]
Mr. Ziba Andrex
I’m Andrex Chiotha Ziba from Mzuzu city-Malawi. [...]
Mr Felix Chikapa Malawi
I would like to thank SBT Japan Company and the Sales [...]
Ms Chipo chiluzi Malawi
Was nice dealing with SBT , I got my vehicle in good [...]
Mr Kanje wezzie katyetye Malawi
Just want to thank you for your professional services, [...]
Ms Edass Gondwe Malawi
It has been good experience buying from you. You have [...]
Ms Pilirani Sambo Malawi
I would like to thank the whole SBT team for the [...]
Mr Valentine Mitunda Malawi
Thanks so much Arlene. You did an amazing job. [...]
Ms Chris Saukira Malawi
Thank you agent 9711 Akmal, I like SBT this is my [...]
Mr Masurool Daud Abdallah Malawi
Dear Akmal, Thanks very much. I received the car in a [...]
Mr Herbert Kasambala Banda Malawi
Thank you SBT and Tan Ahmed for the unit I purchased. [...]
Mr Owen Musopole Malawi
Syeda, Just want to thank you for your professional [...]
Hello SBT, I am Jerome from Malawi. I am happy with  [...]
Mr John Shaibu
My car has arrived and in excellent condition. I want [...]
Mr Blessings Nthala MALAWI
I have received my car as you see on the picture. [...]
Mr. Thomas Mphonde, Malawi
Let me commend you for the timely intervention and [...]
Mr. Kondwani Ntchito, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Dear Naureen , Finally Madam Naureen the truck is in my [...]
Mrs. Prosperina Shaba, Malawi, Agent : ...
Thank you my brother Asfandyarm for providing such a [...]
Mr. Harvey Ussi, Malawi, Agent : Junaid ...
Dear my brother Many thanks to you and the entire SBT [...]
Mr. Mixon Chakana, Malawi, Agent : ...
The car is very fine and smart,Very good Your a good marketer
Mr. Wyson Kachingwe, Malawi, Agent : ...
My name is Wyson Kachingwe and I live in Dowa. I would [...]
Mr. emmanuel simukoko, Malawi, Agent : ...
Am Glad to inform you that I have received the car that [...]
Mrs. Hilda Mwelekete, Malawi, Agent : ...
Hie Mehnaz, here I am with my Ractis, reached me in a [...]
Mr. Peter Nambuzi, Malawi, Agent : Rida ...
As a first time buyer i had some doubts at first when i [...]
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Peter Makawa, ...
Dear Muhammad This is to render my heartfelt [...]
Ms.Mary Namate, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Dear Noureen, Here is the happy owner of daihatsu esse [...]
Mr & Mrs.Friday, Malawi, Agent : Noureen
Hi Noureen Me and my wife we are so happy to buy our [...]