BMW 330i - A King Of Compact Sports Sedan

  1. 3 SERIES 2006 Bmw 3 SERIES

    Bei: US$ 2,857

  2. 3 SERIES 2005 Bmw 3 SERIES

    Bei: US$ 1,654

  3. 3 SERIES 2016 Bmw 3 SERIES

    Bei: US$ 23,666

  4. 3 SERIES 2016 Bmw 3 SERIES

    Bei: US$ 22,066

BMW 330i For Sale In Botswana

BMW 330i for sale in Botswana has been a coveted and long-reigning king in the compact sports sedan market. It is the hallmark product of 3 series, regarded as luxury sports sedan. This vehicle offers perfect driving skills and feels impressively dynamic to satisfy its fan following. The 330i luxury sports sedan is hard to beat, as it enshrouds excellent quality techs and features. The cabin is smartly turned for better ergonomics. It accommodates the passengers in relative comfort and hauls them with no worries on distant journey. Under the hood, it employs a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that offers plenty of punch and power. It executes good road manners, striking fine balance of comfort and performance. Overall, it has been the best driving car in the region to liven up quality and luxury together.



BMW 330i for sale in Botswana is highly esteemed and certainly better car to drive around the city. It is nicer place to spend time, as it inherits top-tier technology and detailing to meet the needs. It certainly feels comfortable at just about any speed or driving environment, and that is what you expect from a luxury sports sedans. Inside, the cabin feels brighter and airy that enhance the ergonomic pleasure. It comes with the huge head-up display, digital instrument cluster and large infotainment screen. It also allows constant access to all-important driving information. It gets a great sound system and a competent semi-autonomous driver assistance system that actually drives the car itself on highways. The standard surround camera system and all round parking sensors also made parking a breeze. It seats five passengers in plush with adequate legroom and headroom for all occupants. Hence, this model has proven to be a good companion for the daily commute.



BMW 330i for sale in Botswana steers well than any of the competitive rivals. It offers great feedback and response on the go. This vehicle remains direct and quirky, while the chassis feel agile and well balanced. The 2.0L four-cylinder engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. It produces peak power of 190 kW and torque of 400Nm at 6500rpm and 4400rpm respectively. It has adaptive suspension that is used to soak bounces. It offers different driving mode to select from the range including Comfort, Sport, Eco and Adaptive. The ride feels decently settled at high speeds. The road noise and wind noise is well insulated for entering the cabin. It remains totally solid and composed on all motoring speed. The safety level is remarkable for this car, earning good score in the crash test. It ensures nice settling of tires and great execution of power to meet the needs. Overall. It beats the best of the class with its handy performance.



BMW 330i for sale in Botswana is affordable and good second-hand buying option. You can buy this car from our stock at pretty fair price. So avail the opportunity and drive your luxury dream car.

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