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Why Choose SBT?

Wide Range Of Cars
Wide Range Of Cars

We’ve vehicles of all the brands you desire.

Available Where You Are
Available Where You Are

We’ve exported 500,000 used cars in over 152 countries.

Supporting You Anytime
Supporting You Anytime

Our support team are always connected with customers 24/7.

Uncompromised Quality
Uncompromised Quality

We do a thorough inspection before shipping so only quality is delivered to you.

Keeping It Reliable
Keeping It Reliable

With over 25 years in the industry, we focus on reliability resulting in 80% repeat purchases.

Offering Best Prices
Offering Best Prices

You can find a wide range of vehicles that are kept in your range.

Informations Related To Exportation

Import Regulations:

At Trinidad current import regulation allows to import any vehicle that is a RHD (Right Hand Drive) as follows:
- Newer than 2 years(from 2022 year) for petrol engine (private vehicles).
- Newer than 2 years(from 2022 year) for diesel engine (private vehicles).
- Newer than 7 years (from 2017 year) for diesel commercial vehicles.
- Newer than 10 years (from 2014 year) for buses and trucks (commercial vehicles).
* This is the Trinidad current import regulation, it is subject to changes. We recommend the buyer to reconfirm it before ordering any motor vehicle from us.


Your vehicle can be shipped with relative ease directly to the Port of Spain The vehicle is delicately placed on board of the freight and secured there in order to nullify any chances of damages.

Necessary Documents:

Every mandatory document will be sent by DHL Express, which includes:
Bill of Lading (BL)
Export Certificate
Pro forma Invoice
(Other documents might be included)


Consult our sales representative about payment terms details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I buy cars from SBT?
Q3. What shipping line do you use?
Q4. What shipping line do you use?
Q5. What is CNF price & CIF price?
Q6. Does SBT accept other currency than USD?
Q7. If I have more questions, what should I do?
Q8. Am I receiving the exact same car?
Q9. Can an individual Import Vehicle in Trinidad?
Q10. Which vehicles can be imported in Trinidad & Tobago?
Q11. What extra Charges do we have to pay other then the C&F cost?
Q12. Where do I need to send payment?

The SBT Team

Sales Staff
Our SBT sales staff

“Our friendly sales staff are happy to talk with you.”

Inspection Yard
Our yard inspectors

“Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard.”

Auction Inspection
Our auction inspectors

“Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars.”

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