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Why Choose SBT?

Wide Range Of Cars
Wide Range Of Cars

We’ve vehicles of all the brands you desire.

Available Where You Are
Available Where You Are

We’ve exported 500,000 used cars in over 152 countries.

Supporting You Anytime
Supporting You Anytime

Our support team are always connected with customers 24/7.

Uncompromised Quality
Uncompromised Quality

We do a thorough inspection before shipping so only quality is delivered to you.

Keeping It Reliable
Keeping It Reliable

With over 25 years in the industry, we focus on reliability resulting in 80% repeat purchases.

Offering Best Prices
Offering Best Prices

You can find a wide range of vehicles that are kept in your range.

Delivery Service Map


Main Ports:
Gaborone or Durban
-FREIGHT starts from 1200USD (depends on car size)
-TRANSIT TIME from Japan to Gaborone is approx. 45 days
* We can also arrange delivery upto Durban, if you have prefered forwarder in Durban.

Regulations & Duties

Right-Hand Drive:?


Year Restriction:


Mandatory Inspection Before Boarding:


Tax Rates:

Custom Duty approx.25%, VAT 12%

Customs Clearance & Registration Process

Documents you need for customs clearance and vehicle registration are:

1) Cancellation Certificate [both in Japanese & in English].
2) Bill of Lading [Original 1st & 2nd].
3) Commercial Invoice.
4) Letter of Authorization [The letter confirming that you are giving legal rights to clearing agent to act on your behalf].
5) ID copy [e.g. own Passport copy].

[Step 1]

We will send you documents 1) - 3) via DHL (Cancellation Certificate, Bill of Lading, and Invoice). Please prepare documents 4),5) above by yourself.

[Step 2]

- Prepare for the local customs clearance.
- Arrange with the clearing agent for procedure. SBT have own designated clearing agent [i.e. Noble Shipping]. You may also arrange your own preferred agent.
- Documents you need are as mentioned above.

[Step 3]

Besides customs clearance, there will also be a process of Police check for registration, and Road worthiness check to obtain number plate. Local clearing agent in Botswana will be helpful for these procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I buy a car from SBT Japan?
Q2. What are the import regulations for Botswana?
Q4. What is the payment Condition?

The SBT Team

Sales Staff
Our SBT sales staff

“Our friendly sales staff are happy to talk with you.”

Inspection Yard
Our yard inspectors

“Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard.”

Auction Inspection
Our auction inspectors

“Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars.”

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