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  1. CARAVAN 2007 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 4,830

  2. CARAVAN 2017 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 17,390

  3. CARAVAN 2022 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 28,620

  4. CARAVAN 2014 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 9,020

  5. CARAVAN 2007 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 7,500

  6. CARAVAN 2007 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 6,410

  7. CARAVAN 1981 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 15,710

  8. CARAVAN 2000 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 6,100

  9. CARAVAN 2007 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 6,290

  10. CARAVAN 2003 Nissan CARAVAN

    Цена: USD 8,750


Nissan Caravan for sale in Kenya is known as ultimate workhorse, which is designed to be used as fleet vehicle and a cargo van. It is a light commercial van, which has been in production by since 1973. It is available in GX (flat roof) and DX (high roof) model, offered with several engine options. This vehicle is popular among consumers due to its robust reliability and good-looking body design. It offers lots of space for cargo and passengers, carrying all with ease. This van has become basic necessity for tradesmen as it is considered as highly upgraded business vehicle. All models are well equipped and heavy in performance, especially Caravan 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009 and 2008 are the finest and populous vehicle of its range. It is loaded with plenty of features including safety kits that make it more interesting in driving. The engine of the vehicle is efficient enough, as it delivers excellent fuel economy and better quality ride. Moreover, it is best performer in this class, and is only rivaled by Toyota Hiace.



Nissan Caravan for sale in Kenya is aerodynamically built with improved quality material and strong chassis. It comes with pretty exterior looks and well appointed interior cabin. It is stylish, modern-looking and classy in appearance, whereas the interior is most pleasing part that majorly focuses on comfort and quality. The cabin is adequately spacious for passengers and cargo. It has capacity to carry up to 12 passengers, provided with ample headroom and legroom in each row. Apart from people mover, this vehicle is also used as ambulance and cargo van. It also provides good amount of space for storage. The interior is packed with updated features and equipments such as alloy wheels, air-conditioning, power steering and accessible controls. It is impressive in drivability as this van handles and maneuvers neatly around the corners. It also offers a supple and soft ride due to its tuned suspension. Overall, it offers good level of practicality and versatility which is highly respectable in this segment.


Improved Engine Performance

Nissan Caravan for sale in Kenya is mounted with standard TD27T1 2.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine, mated to five-speed manual transmission. It develops peak power of 98.6bhp and maximum torque of 230Nm, which is sufficient to run the all wheels. This engine returns an average combined fuel economy of 18.2 mpg which is more than that of Toyota Hiace. It provides a blend of power, fuel economy and high performance within one package. The new fuel saving technology is also being used in engines in order to provide the best economy figure on the go. The engine also requires less maintenance, and produces less emission levels of CO2 than other variants. In short, it saves your money and offer great affordability to every class of consumers.


Shipping to Kenya

The price of used Nissan Caravan for sale in Kenya ranges from 3000USD to 7000USD, depending upon model, condition and mileage of the van. This van is imported from Japan in best-used condition to meet the demand of consumers. It is carried via Ro-Ro and container service, and the shipment lands at port of Mombasa or Dar es Salam.  According to import regulation of country, the age of vehicle must not be over 8 years, and all vehicles should go through Road Worthiness Inspection. It also attracts duties and taxes which are imposed as per policy. In Kenya, all the imported vehicles are subjected to same duties and taxes which include 25% import duty, 20% excise duty and 16% VAT. Furthermore, you have to submit an import declaration fee of SH 5,000 as an application processing fee before importation.


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