Buy Secondhand Cars Under 3000 At Cheap Prices

  1. C CLASS 2008 Suzuki C CLASS

    Preços: USD 2,800

  2. Z4 2005 Suzuki Z4

    Preços: USD 2,600

  3. GENESIS 2010 Suzuki GENESIS

    Preços: USD 3,070

  4. 1 SERIES 2008 Suzuki 1 SERIES

    Preços: USD 1,190

  5. SWIFT 2011 Suzuki SWIFT

    Preços: USD 2,550

  6. V40 2013 Suzuki V40

    Preços: USD 1,590

  7. ELGRAND 2004 Suzuki ELGRAND

    Preços: USD 2,860

  8. C CLASS 2007 Suzuki C CLASS

    Preços: USD 2,710

  9. PASSO 2012 Suzuki PASSO

    Preços: USD 2,900

  10. XC90 2007 Suzuki XC90

    Preços: USD 1,690

People who cannot afford a new car, decides best for the purchase of a used car. Finding a good car for under $3000 is not that hard. Nevertheless, one should, of course, just look at very cheap vehicles closer and check the car for any defects. Your budget for a new car is limited and does not exceed more than $3000. Well tell you how to quickly find a cheap and reliable used car for sale under 3000.


Find Low Mileage Car

Used cars up to 3000 usually have a few years and many kilometers of mileage under their belt, which, with good care and maintenance, generally does not have to break much. In addition, there are vehicle models that prove to be particularly reliable and their service even after a long time without defects.


Used Cars Under 3000

Who wants to get a cheap used car, gets for 3000, for example, a well-preserved micro car such as the Smart ForTwo or the Toyota Aygo with a mileage of less than 100,000 km. The small city car fit into even the narrowest parking space and scores above all with low fuel consumption.


The Opel Corsa is also small cars and has good fuel economy, the VW Polo or the Fiat Punto is also good used cars for under 3000 and mileage below the 100,000 kilometer limit.


Buyers who are willing to accept a slightly higher mileage can found vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta or the Skoda Fabia at prices under 3000. As with the new cars, the VW Golf is among the used cars of the sales racer. For the popular Golf IV you will find for example very cheap deals with mileage of less than 80,000 kilometers.



Nevertheless, one should make sure in a used car, that the vehicle has been maintained checkbook and as free of rust as possible. It is also important to test brakes, shock absorbers and the transmission - ideally during a test drive.


The tires should also be visually inspected and checked for their minimum tread depth and age. If a new set of tires is needed, you have to spend a few hundreds to replace it. Also, the exhaust system and the subfloor should be as close as possible. These are some of the main important points that one should see before buying a used car.

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