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used ford escape for sale

  1. ESCAPE 2011 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,450

  2. ESCAPE 2008 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,300

  3. ESCAPE 2008 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,247

  4. ESCAPE 2006 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,314

  5. ESCAPE 2010 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 7,371

  6. ESCAPE 2007 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,504

  7. ESCAPE 2005 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,028

  8. ESCAPE 2010 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 5,250

  9. ESCAPE 2006 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 4,495

  10. ESCAPE 2010 Ford ESCAPE

    Price: USD 6,419

The platform used to make the used Ford Escape for sale is built by Mazda, a Japanese company partly owned by Ford. The Japanese house markets a car practically identical to the Escape, the Mazda Tribute. The first generation of Ford Escape is characterized by excellent driveability, both in the city and off the road, thanks to the presence of independent suspension and a structure that is not too rigid.


  • The engine is positioned forward, with front-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive is still available on some engines for more intense off-road driving; this, if present, can be easily deactivated with a special button, distributing the drive torque exclusively on the front axle. 
  • The braking system is equipped with ABS and provides for the presence of discs on both the front and rear wheels. Two types of transmission are available: speedy manual and auto. In the US market alone, the Ford Escape has sold approximately 3 million units since 2001.
  • Later on, the first changes were introduced, with important systems such as airbags and the update of the seat belts. The second series was marketed starting in 2008. The restyling included new measures, with a greater length and width, while the height was a few centimeters lower, giving the car a more "flattened" look, closer to that of a crossover than that of an SUV. 
  • On an aesthetic level, changes were made not only in terms of dimensions but also in the design of the car, through headlights and substantial adjustments to the bodywork, in particular to the grille. The interior was extensively revisited, with more modern seats and a dashboard. Besides, innovative security systems were added in used Ford Escape for sale, such as electronic stability control, and the suspension and stabilizer bar were updated. 
  • In 2010, some advanced electronic systems were added, such as park assist, a convenient function that allows you to obtain computerized help during parking operations, using the reverse sensors to calculate the presence and distance of any obstacles and leaving the car with the task of managing the brake, accelerator and steering wheel. Later on, the third generation of Ford Escape was launched, marketed in Europe as Ford Kuga. 
  • The latest changes have made the changes already made with the second series even more visible: the length of the car has increased even more than the first model, as well as the width, greater than the second generation. The height continues in its reverse process.
  • The comfortable automatic tailgate was introduced among the technical innovations, while the interiors were upholstered using recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. After more than thirteen since the start of production, the Ford Escape is still on the market with its latest generation. 


Ford Escape Review

The first two series models are available on the used car market, and, obviously, those still under construction. While the interiors have been covered using recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. The Ford Escape is available in the market with its latest generation. The first two series models are available on the used car market, and, obviously, those still under construction. While the interiors have been covered using recyclable and eco-sustainable materials.

The first generation featured only two engines; both fueled by petrol. The smaller engine was a 2-liter in-line four-cylinder with potent horsepower, while the second was a 3-liter V-six, also available with a speedy automatic transmission and additional horsepower.

In 2005, a 2.3-liter in-line four-cylinder engine was introduced, which replaced the 2000 cc engine, slightly more powerful than the latter, thanks to the 135 horsepower available. In the second generation, the 2.3-liter engine was replaced by a 171-horsepower 2.5-liter power unit. The 3.0 V6 was updated and made more powerful by 40 horsepower, reaching a total of 240.

The third generation is available with two engines, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive; for the first time, the Ford Escape was equipped with a diesel engine. The first engine used, Ford Escape for sale, was a cylindrical in-line petrol-powered and available only with the speedy auto transmission. The engine develops the power of 150 horsepower with front-wheel drive alone and 182 horsepower with four-wheel drive.

The second engine is a six-cylinder in-line diesel-fueled, available with both manual and automatic transmission, both equipped with active gears. The power with two-wheel drive is 140 horsepower. While using a four-wheel drive, the engine develops sufficient horsepower. It is a petrol-powered in-line four-cylinder and only available with a six-speed automatic transmission.

All types of engines meet environmental protection requirements. The aerodynamic "used Ford Escape for sale" updated compared to its predecessors. An all-wheel-drive system provides flawless car driveability on rough terrain in adverse weather effects. The car evident advanced technological advances. As described above, the tailgate opens automatically; there is a parking system such as Assist Active Park, touch-screen display with My Ford Touch. The "dead zone" control provides BLIS system information. Maneuvered on the road, and parking was safer.



ü  Sedan-like Steering and Handling

ü  Easy Seats Slide

ü  Potent Powertrain

ü  Innovative Exterior Design

ü  Easy Drive Position

ü  Easy to Control Drive Options


×        Poor Visibility

×        Ride Quality is not Well.

×        Audio and Navi can cause issues.


Does this used Ford Escape for sale offers All-Wheel Drive?

Yes, an All-wheel drive system can be installed in it.

Which type of transmission does this Ford offer?

Both auto and non-auto are available.

On Which Axle, its drive torque distributes?

Torque is distributed on its front axle.

Is ABS installed inside it?

Is this Ford Powered With Diesel Engine?

Yes, a used car buyer can search for that.

What is the difference between revised versions?

Various innovations & revisions in the perspective of dimensions and the design of the car.

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