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  1. RAUM 1997 Subaru RAUM

    Price: USD 605

  2. CUBE 2005 Subaru CUBE

    Price: USD 625

  3. THATS 2007 Subaru THATS

    Price: USD 528


    Price: USD 605

  5. FIT 2015 Subaru FIT

    Price: USD 5,971

  6. R2 2004 Subaru R2

    Price: USD 432

  7. LEGACY 2015 Subaru LEGACY

    Price: USD 19,201

  8. FIT 2018 Subaru FIT

    Price: USD 12,913

  9. PORTE 2007 Subaru PORTE

    Price: USD 625

  10. PORTE 2007 Subaru PORTE

    Price: USD 625

Japanese Used Cars For Sale In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Office Address: Beaufort Manor Flat B 35 Josiah Chinamano Cnr Leopold Takawira Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263-773-822-108


Used cars have many perks when compare to buying a new car which is most of the times expensive to buy. First of all used cars are easy accessible you do not have to fill long forms or details to buy a used car like a new one. Secondly these cars have a huge range to offer. Above all, these cars are very affordable to buy. Almost every country import used cars from Japan, Korea, US as well as Germany.


Used Cars in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe also has a huge market for used cars in local market. There are many cars import in Zimbabwe in which some of them are top rated and most demanded in Zimbabwe.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit is a subcompact car offered by the Japanese manufacturer Honda; first introduced in 2001 with five-door hatchback Front-engine, front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive in Japan. Honda Fit is also called as Honda Jazz in other exporting countries. Honda fit is now in its third generation and marketed all around the world and manufactured in eight countries with ten plants manufacturing the car. Honda Fit shares the same small car Platform like Airwaves, City, Freed, Mobilio and Mobilio Spike.

Interior of the car has great finishes and exterior stands out in the crowd. This is why it is the number one car in Zimbabwe.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is a luxurious as well as stylish compact executive car offered by the famous German car manufacturing company Mercedes. The compact executive car has a front engine and offered with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Mercedes Benz C-Class comes with a range of engine that is not only powerful but also very reliable. The Mercedes Benz C-Class lies in a luxurious class but also affordable in reasonable price in used. Mercedes Benz C-Class is including in second top rated cars in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Toyota Belta

Toyota Belta is on the third highest selling cars in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe due to its amazing reliable characteristics and other useful features along with the powerful engine. The Toyota Belta was made to sell in Australian as well as North American markets as Toyota yaris and also in Asian market under the name Toyota Vios. Belta basically is a subcompact sedan offered and marketed by The Japanese manufacturer Toyota.

The very first Toyota Belta was gone on sale in Japan on 28 November 2005 with 1.0 to 1.3 liters powerful engine offered by the company.


Cities of Zimbabwe Where Japanese Used Cars Are Popular

  • Harare
  • Bulawayo
  • Chitungwiza
  • Mutare
  • Gweru
  • Kwekwe
  • Kadoma

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