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  1. BREVIS 2006 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,200

  2. BREVIS 2001 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,000

  3. BREVIS 2003 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 962

  4. BREVIS 2003 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 3,390

  5. BREVIS 2005 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,080

  6. BREVIS 2001 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 962

  7. BREVIS 2004 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,067

  8. BREVIS 2004 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,171

  9. BREVIS 2002 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 1,124

  10. BREVIS 2004 Toyota BREVIS

    Price: US$ 971

Toyota Brevis For Sale In Tanzania

Toyota Brevis for sale in Tanzania is a luxury and light-weighted sedan that feels almost like birds of a feather. This four-door luxury sedan is built with fine quality material, drawing attention of many consumers who look for premium sedans offering at cheap price point. It looks like the Progres, sharing most of the details. This vehicle ruled over the sedan market for a short span of seven years from 2001 to 2008. It appears that Toyota Brevis additionally came as to give taste of what Toyota can do in rivalry with BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. The word Brevis implies the short measure of time or term and caused the vehicle accessibility to work seven years as it were. The vehicle is legitimately identified with Lexus IS and Toyota Progress and depended on Toyota XG stage. As a compact extravagant vehicle, the Toyota Brevis is an agreeable 5-seater. Since it was planned in view of premium clients, there is sufficient leg space both in the lodge just as in the back, making it an agreeable vehicle for exceptionally tall individuals. For propulsion, it is mounted with 2.5L 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that delivers maximum perform and transmits the power through the rear wheels efficiently.


Toyota Brevis for sale in Tanzania is well finished and smartly laid out car that makes the car look big and appealing. It reflects striking appearance with good ground clearance and alloy wheels. Dimensionally, it is 4550mm long, 1720mm wide, and 1475mm tall. The styling cues and plenty of details are adopted from Toyota Progres. The outside acquired Alloy Wheel to help the tires with stylish magnificence of Toyota Brevis upgraded. The Roof Rail acquired extra gear stockpiling ease with the sun rooftop in hardly any cases accessible instead of Roof Rail for 360 degree panoramic view. The interior is fully packed with plenty of features and gadgets to improve driving pleasures. The power steering ensure handy maneuvering in collaboration with tires. Besides, it includes power windows, navigation system, sound system, cruise control, air-conditioning and multi-function display as standard. The straight-fixed dashboard is very perfect with a couple of knobs and switches, which makes for simple access and activity. Accommodation-wise, it is really a typical Toyota from early 21st century. It can seat five passengers in big comfort with plenty of headroom and legroom. The driving seat is lofted to give clear all-round visibility. It boasts a big trunk volume of 275 liter, which is enough to cater luggage easily. There is also a memory seat on the driver side, and the foot pedals can adjust to suit the driving needs of the buyers. Moreover, it offers good run for the money.


Toyota Brevis for sale in Tanzania is equipped with 6-cylinder 2.5L engine that develops maximum power of 197bhp and torque of 250Nm at 6000rpm and 3800rpm respectively. A five-speed automatic gearbox is standard that transfers power to the rear wheels efficiently. This vehicle delivers an average consumption of 11.4km/l on both city and highway combined. It is not at all a thirsty car, hitting the top-speed of 180km/h. The noise and vibration are well suppressed that enables stress-free and calm ride experience. The suspension is good, primarily set up to boast more comfort while soaking up bounces. It delivers smooth and relaxed driving experience. The maintenance is the thing which is not to worry about. It requires less maintenance and offers more frugal experience throughout the journey.

Shipping To Tanzania

Toyota Brevis for sale in Tanzania is a viable alternative to German sedans. It is a cost-effective solution for long road trip with comfort and agility. According to import policy, there is no specific limitation on age breaking point of vehicle yet vehicle more than 10 years old is accused of uncompromising. The shipment is conveyed by means of Ro-Ro which shows up at port of Dar es Salam. The vehicle should likewise experience Road Worthiness Inspection by JAAI. Moreover, the vehicle is accused of a few obligations according to cubic limit of motor. Vehicles having motor limit beneath 2000cc is at risk of 20% VAT and 25% import obligation. In the interim, vehicle whose limit is over 2000cc, are exposed to 25% import obligation, 10% extract obligation and 20%VAT which in total records 65% of dutiable worth.


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