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In 2005 the premier launch of the Toyota Aygo by Toyota took place in Europe. As the name suggests, Aygo derived from i-go, the city car debuted to symbolize the freedom and mobility at one place. Dramatically styled Toyota Aygo is entirely different from the other cars available in the industry. In fact, this flamboyant creation is known for offering personalization opportunities. One engine and a nippy frugal, 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol is nothing more than a remarkable addition to the splendid beauty of the car. Either it is a new or used Toyota Aygo for sale; there are six trim levels and a wealth of color combinations.


If you are searching for a full range of facts and figures for Toyota Aygo, do not waffle around. Here is a comprehensive list of the specifications and features which you can have in the city car, Toyota Aygo.


Fit and Finish Formulation of the Interior

From rotary temperature and easy to use ventilation control to electronic climate control, everything is included in it. The drivers seat height adjustment feature was absent in entry-level car but is available in the new trim level X-Play. It allows the driver to use the knurled rotary dial and adjust the backrest. Seat bolster provides a decent amount of lateral support, and there is reasonable lower back support. Rear view camera and rear parking sensor are included to give a treat to the prospective buyers.


There is no touch screen technology and Bluetooth on entry-level models, but two speakers audio is included in it. The next generation of Toyota Aygo debuted with an addition of two extra speakers, Bluetooth and a DAB radio. It is exciting to know that the car owner has an option to add Toyotas X-touch 7.0in touch-screen infotainment system. Moreover, they have a chance to personalize the most appealing; gloss finished dashboard plastic in X-play. Either it is first generation model or the next trim, in both cases, solidly built Aygo interior and the ancillary control will always make the owner feel meaty.


Bold Styling and Customizable Exterior

Tall windows and front, back narrow pillars are making the Aygo stand out of the crowd. Fresh and stunning design and vibrancy of colors are making it a remarkable creation of Toyota. X-face, dramatic lines and double bubble roof is available in all four different personalities of Toyota Aygo. X-play features two exterior styling packs. So, you have a chance to stand out with OUT-stand package or gleam with an OUT-glow pack, if a subtle combination is your weakness.


Toyota Aygo is the hard work of qualified engineers and experienced designers. Toyota performed all its magic tricks to come up with the creation which is compact on the outside and amazingly roomy inside. The Aygo is known for having ample space and smooth drive. To preserve the tradition, Toyota included a whole lot of features essential to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the car. You can have it for years or place Toyota Aygo for sale whenever you want.

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