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Toyota Avensis – A Car For Settled Life

  1. AVENSIS 2006 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 3,770

  2. AVENSIS 2005 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,360

  3. AVENSIS 2009 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 8,090

  4. AVENSIS 2010 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 9,170

  5. AVENSIS 2013 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 8,870

  6. AVENSIS 2006 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,330

  7. AVENSIS 2006 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,250

  8. AVENSIS 2004 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,400

  9. AVENSIS 2005 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 1,270

  10. AVENSIS 2007 Toyota AVENSIS

    Price: USD 3,390

Toyota Avensis For Sale In Kenya

Toyota Avensis for sale in Kenya is a persevering car that constitutes not too bad styling, overhauled insides and great elements in its bundle. It could be a sensibly estimated car, which is still requested exceedingly for its consolation, unwavering quality and moo running costs. The upgraded cabin gives an unequivocal feels, giving an upmarket looks and tall level consolation. The vehicle is strong, wonderful and stunningly intended to meet or surpass purchaser desires everywhere throughout the world. This sedan is genuinely a considerable machine that is advertised with noteworthy refinements and dependable highlights. The vehicle is strong, wonderful and stunningly intended to meet or surpass purchaser desires everywhere throughout the world. The vehicle is accessible in four-door sedan, five-door lift back and estate car. It has additionally experienced a lot of configuration updates and highlight redesigns. Moreover, it is a best people commuter, specifically established to appeal business-minded consumers.

Key Specs

Toyota Avensis for sale in Kenya is a purposeful vehicle that intends to drive long in comfort, meeting the standards of daily commute. The word Avensis is derived from the French word which signifies to progress and in Latin, it signifies to divert. Generally configuration subtleties and great styling of this vehicle rotates around brilliant reasoning. Its modern-day looks are lovely self-evident from start, because it highlights etched bumper and expansive discuss admissions which boost up its more extensive position. Solid and top notch material, superb fit and finish and an enormous number of features are its core strengths. This model has expanded in terms of torsional firmness of the body. All body styles are tough and sufficient, and appear much confident in terms of practicality. Heading inside, it is roomier and comfortable for driver and travelers. It offers seating capacity for five grown-up adults, given with bounty of legroom and headroom. This demonstrate too gives great boot capacity that can swallow great number of baggage. Other than the utilize of inviting soft-touch plastic, simple infotainment and an cluster of highlights like LCD for climate control, simple to utilize dashes and controls and instinctively plan dashboard make riding an enhancing encounter for individuals on board. The number of tech treats and features changes depending on the cost and choice of variation. Features like sat-nav, alloy wheels, climate control, and an ergonomically design dashboard are standard. In sedan, it holds the cargo space of 509 liters, while 543 liters of boot space is given in hatchback form. Be that as it may, the cargo space can be expanded up to 1609 liters. Moreover, it is best choice in this class, offering the blend of practicality, comfort and refinements.


Toyota Avensis for sale in Kenya is offered with both diesel and petrol unit, coupled to a CVT automatic transmission. The engines offer great level of refinement, efficiency and frugal economy run. It also produces lower emissions level of CO2. This distinctly estimated contender is additionally a most exciting to drive vehicle in its course. With four trim levels and three strong but thrifty motor alternatives, it is simple to drive and the foremost conservative commuting alternative. The 1.8-liter petrol engine comes with manual or automatic gearbox. Besides, 1.6L or 2.0L diesel options are also available, ensuring great performance and efficiency. The steering is sharp and direct that strikes a good balance of handling and stability. The ride experience is completely flexible, and it feels well established and poised throughout the drive. The safety levels are excellent and it also earns good reputation for drivability.

Shipping To Kenya

Toyota Avensis for sale in Kenya is good second-hand buying option, offering decent value for the money. As per import policy of country, the age of vehicle is restricted up to 8 years. The vehicle must go through an inspection by JEVIC. The duties and taxes are also applied on imported vehicle as per regulations which include 25% import duty plus 20% excise duty and 16% VAT. However, an import declaration fee of SH 5,000 should be paid as a processing fee, although the rate of taxes and duties are same for any type of vehicle.

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