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Toyota Auris 2014 - Car That Has Everything You Need

  1. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 7,880

  2. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 7,570

  3. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 10,980

  4. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 8,540

  5. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 9,090

  6. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 12,710

  7. AURIS 2014 Toyota AURIS

    Price: USD 8,900

The Toyota Auris is one of the stylish compact hatchback cars from the line of Toyota Corolla and manufactured and marketed by Toyota. The first generation of Toyota Auris was introduced in 2006 and shared the E150 Platform with the best-seller Toyota Corolla. The Auris name is based on the Latin word which means gold.

The Toyota Auris 2014 is offered in five-door hatchback and five-door station wagon on a all new Toyota New MC platform related to Toyota Corolla E170.

toyota auris 2014Engine Specification

The engine specification of the Toyota Auris from 2012 to 2017 includes a variety of engines with different transmission for the buyer to choose from according to their needs and suitability. Every engine mated with different transmission has different price range. The engines offers in Toyota Auris includes a 1.2L 8NR-FTS VVT-iW 1,196 cc (73.0 cu in) turbocharged, 1.33L 1NR-FE 1,329 cc (81.1 cu in), 1.6L 1ZR-FAE V-matic 1,598 cc (97.5 cu in), 1.8L 2ZR-FAE V-matic 1,797 cc (109.7 cu in) and 1.5L 1NZ-FE 1,496 cc (91.3 cu in). The diesel engine range include 1.4L 1ND-TV 1,364 cc (83.2 cu in) and 1.6L 1WW 1,598 cc (97.5 cu in) and it is also has a hybrid engine choice 1.8L VVT-i 1,798 cc (109.7 cu in) petrol with an electric motor.


The transmission of the Toyota Auris 2014 also has huge choices such as 4-speed automatic transmission, 5-speed manual transmission, 5-speed MultiMode transmission, 7-speed CVT transmission and 6-speed manual transmission.

The 2014 version of Toyota Auris has updated and received an amazing restyling which includes addition of tail lights, overall upgraded interior and special decals. The 2014 Toyota Auris comes with a spacious interior and a great array of interior features that makes the inside of the car very smooth, spacious and comfortable. Moreover, the high quality material used in the Toyota Auris 2014 makes the car very soft touch yet very durable.


The Anti-control braking system, EPS and other latest technology features makes the drive easy and simple for the driver. Whether it is driver or passenger Toyota made sure to provide greatest comfort to both of them with higher safety, that’s why the manufacturer provide the best safety and security features in the car.


In a nutshell, this masterpiece of Toyota in compact car shape has everything that needs to be in a car of this era. The best part is that you can buy the Toyota Auris 2014 at the most reasonable price from the market.


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