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Nissan Navara 2021

  1. NAVARA 2021 Nissan NAVARA

    Price: USD 46,800

  2. NAVARA 2021 Nissan NAVARA

    Price: USD 18,500

The Nissan Navara 2021 in South Africa is constructed and designed to stand out, but do not be deceived by its imposing good looks; this truck is also the toughest when put through adversity. It paces off-road! Its strong, independent, double-wishbone front suspension with stabilizer and leaf spring rear suspension provides outstanding off and on-road performance. It has the best-in-class technology.

These elements are all expertly combined with exceptional performance and capabilities to produce a South African vehicle that fits various driving demands and lifestyles. The Nissan Navara will give you the freedom to travel anywhere. We advise you to have a test drive in any of the very capable Nissan Navara models.

This is because the brand-new Nissan Navara Pickup, whether driven off-road or in the urban jungle, will catch people attention with its youthful good looks, adventurous body style, and ability to handle even the most difficult turns with enhanced agility.

However, we would advise choosing the Navara if you are looking for a reasonably priced commercial vehicle with exceptional adaptability and good payload and towing capacity.

However, if you are looking for a fairly priced car with excellent flexibility and strong payload and towing capabilities, wed suggest going with the Navara.



Engine Performance And Economy

The 2.3-liter, twin-turbocharged diesel engine from the pre-facelift Navara has been replaced with a 2.5-liter, single-turbocharged diesel engine. However, you might be disappointed to learn that it is not more potent than before.

The 140 kW and 450 N⋅m peak outputs remain the same. The Navara is still an ever-ready performer on the road.

When the Navara engine is started or stopped, it rumbles with a robust diesel thrum that may not be as refined as anticipated. Before the Navara charges off with purpose, there is some turbo lag right off the mark, although that is not unusual.

Quality is emphasized since the acceleration to highway speed is sufficient but not as good as a Rangers or a Hilux.

This characteristic was demonstrated in our Big Bakkie Drag Race earlier this year. Once moving, though, the Bakkie finds its rhythm and the engine noise lessens, making it simple to perform quick overtaking maneuvers in the Navara at highway speeds.



Design & Interior

Nissan Navara 2021 interior is full of style. We recommend looking past the entry-level Visia and Acenta models and moving up the range for something with more beautiful alloy wheels and chrome design.

The most recent Navara is probably the most aesthetically pleasing model yet. The roof rails are a nice addition in Tekna variants. However, the top-spec N-Guard, which offers a more muscular appearance with its black highlights and sizable black alloy wheels, is the one to choose when it comes to aesthetics.

The inside of the Nissan Navara has evolved significantly over the past few years, and it now seems more car-like than ever, thanks in part to the fact that it is based on the same design as the company X-Trail SUV. It is one of the most user-friendly touchscreen devices with an enhanced eight-inch display.

Although it has one of the finest pickup cabins, certain parts, like the steering wheel, are beginning to seem a little old.

The Navara is our selection for this class as the greatest vehicle for long-distance comfort. It boasts one of the greatest rides of any truck because of its multi-link suspension system, and even when it is not hauling anything, it stays level and plants through the curves. By pickup standards, it is outstanding but by no means on par with an equivalent SUV.




The Nissan Navara 2021 striking external styling, svelte aerodynamic forms, and distinctive LED lighting characteristics are reminiscent. It makes a strong aesthetic impact that can make you wonder if a pickup truck is indeed capable of looking this fantastic.

The Nissan Navara is not to be trifled with; it has a strong chrome grille. Look no further than the new aggressive front end to see what tough looks like. With complete LED headlights, your route will be illuminated like never before. When you arrive, the LED projector headlights are surrounded by elegant LED daytime running lights, producing a stunning spectacle.

It makes a strong aesthetic impact that can make you wonder if a pickup truck is indeed capable of looking this fantastic.

Power is available when and where you need it. On the side of the Nissan Navara bed is a 120-Volt outlet that may be used to charge a tool or power a utility light.

Working in less-than-ideal lighting circumstances is a need for several vocations. Fortunately, the offered bed light makes loading and unloading at night simpler and safer.

The optional spray-on bed liner is sprayed at the manufacturer, so you know it is done correctly, and this adds to its great adaptability. It attaches directly to the bed and resists fading and weathering while being durable, non-skid, and guarding against dents and scratches.

These readily available step rails enable you to simply ascend when you need a boost. Nissan Navara or step up to secure items on the roof rack.




As previously established, the Navara is available in King or Double Cab configurations. We advise choosing the latter if you plan to rarely or often transport rear passengers. Taller passengers can be comfy throughout the ample spacious room.

Additionally, it features a sizable load bed with a payload capacity of up to 1,136 kg that is 1.75 meters long on the King Cab and 1.54 meters long on the Double Cab. Additionally, it has a strong 3,500 kg towing capacity, making it perfect for hauling heavier trailers and caravans.



Fuel Economy

When deciding to buy a new car, it is important to study the pricing point, fuel economy, and maintenance. The fuel efficiency of a car matters in the long run.

The Navara is a large truck that would not be inexpensive, but its more efficient than you think. While CO2 emissions range from 184-194g/km, which are decent for a car of this size, Nissan claims it will get 40.4mpg (38.2mpg for automatic variants).



Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Intelligent Mobility gives you the resources you need to drive more securely, conveniently, and safely, whether you are commuting to work, negotiating rough terrain, going on thrilling excursions, or just having a good old bundu-bash.

When you cannot see what is going on up there, Navara is keeping an eye out. Intelligent Forward Collision Warning keeps an eye on up to two vehicles in front of you and alerts you to slow down if it notices a rapid acceleration.



Is It Worth Buying?

The single cab option was eliminated from Nissan most recent Navara, which is now only offered as a Double Cab and a King Cab. This four-seat vehicle sacrifices rear accommodation for load capacity.

Prices start at 27,487.66 USD for the King Cab and 28,491.50 USD for the Double Cab, with the latter being a far more practical option for daily usage. Although the standard equipment is not very substantial, all versions come with Bluetooth, air conditioning, and cruise control.

We prefer the mid-spec N-Connecta, which has bigger alloy wheels, a touchscreen, and keyless entry and start.

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