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We DO NOT ACCEPT CASH payment at local offices. Payment needs to be wired to SBT account in Japan.
We are not responsible for any troubles caused by CASH payment.
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The Advantages of SBT Japan

With more than 20 years of expertise in export of second hand vehicles, you will be choosing quality and professionalism. Our team made of qualified advisors will guide you through your choice and will give you all of the advices that you will need. Choosing SBT Japan means choosing security and tranquility.

Why Choose SBT

Over 20 years of experience!

SBT is a pioneer of japanese used car exporter. Our wealth of knowledge and experience make the customer satisfaction. Please give us a call. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you have!



SBT provides you with premium quality vehicles at the best price. The most proficient experts of the automobile field are fighting to find you the best deals at never before seen prices!


SBT has paved in proving their efficiency, commitment and professionalism in their service provision for their customers. This has been made better by the opening of their local branches that have promoted relationship management, security and ease of mind for clients importing their vehicles like me. I am more than elated as I stand in front of my vehicle which I can barely label as a used car. Not only does the car look great but it has a great feel. This is indeed Service Beyond Thinking!! Thank you so much for your outstanding service SBT team. I will definitely recommend your business to other potential customers as they would be guaranteed not only a great car but also pleasurable service from a dedicated and friendly team in a user friendly ambience.

Mr. Tendai Mudonhi

My name is Martin, I have been dealing with SBT Japan since 2 years and purchased many cars. They are nice, good and we get good profit.

Mr Wakoba Martin

I have been a customer of SBT Japan since September of 2013. They are my number #1 supplier because I can rely on them for quality vehicles at the most affordable prices. My sales persons are very professional I can count on then to provide accurate and timely information on any vehicle and handle my queries and concerns with importance. I have no reservations in recommending SBT Japan to anyone who wishes to purchase foreign used vehicles. Thank You SBT…


How To Buy?
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Import Scheme and Information


Your vehicle can be shipped with relative ease directly to the ports of Kingston and Montego Bay. The vehicle is delicately placed on board of the freight and secured there in order to nullify any chances of damages.


  • In order to ship any kind of motor vehicle to Jamaica, the buyer needs to apply first for an import permit/license. This document is issued by Trade Board Limited.
  • On the current year 2018 used motor vehicles and equipment to be imported must not be older than the model years stipulated in the schedule below:
  • 2013 model year motorcars.
    Example: Corolla Axio, Toyota Passo, Nissan Tiida Latio, etc…
  • 2012 model year light commercial units. (SUV also) Example Light commercial van: Hiace, Townace, etc…
    Light commercial minivan: Voxy, Serena, Wish, etc. (must be at least 7 seats)
  • 2008 model year motorcars/light commercial vehicles (returning residents)
  • 2013 model year motor cycles
  • 2006 model year buses seating capacity 15-29
  • 2004 model year buses seating capacity 30-44
  • 1998 model year buses seating capacity 45 and over
  • 2003 model year trucks unladen weight 3,000kg-4,000kg
  • 1998 model year trucks unladen weight 4,001kg-8,000kg
  • 1993 model year trucks unladen weight over 8,000kg
  • 1988 model year heavy duty commercial equipment
This is the Jamaica import regulation for current 2018, it is subject to changes. We recommend the buyer to reconfirm it before ordering any motor vehicle. For more information regarding import policy please consult the Jamaica Trade Board Limited web site.

Pre-shipment Inspection/Dealer Disclosure Certificate (PSIC/DDC)

  • Effective February 1, 2018 Autoterminal Japan Ltd. (ATJ) will begin accepting applications for Pre-shipment Inspection/Dealer Disclosure Certificate (PSIC/DDC) for all used motor vehicles being shipped to Jamaica.
  • Vehicles that are in receipt of Trade Board import permits prior to February 1, 2018, will not be subject to Pre-shipment Inspection.
    As of that date, The Trade Board Ltd. will no longer be issuing import licences for any used motor vehicles being imported by individuals or companies without a valid PSIC/DDC.
  • The PSIC/DDC is intended to transform the Used Motor Vehicle sector by ensuring that vehicles imported for use on the roads of Jamaica are of high quality and standard.
    It will also provide consumers with accurate detailed information pertaining to essential criteria such as:
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Model Year
  • Accurate Odometer Reader
  • First Registration Date
  • Distance (miles/kilometers) Driven
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Country of Export
  • Original Manufactured Color
  • Modifications
  • Whether the vehicle had previous structural damage or damage resulting from flood or other natural disasters
  • Percentage Tire Wear
  • Laden/Un-laden Weight (Trucks used for the transportation of cargo)
  • Seating Capacity (trucks used for the transportation of passengers)
  • Microbial contamination
  • Radioactive contamination


Every mandatory document will be sent by DHL Express, which includes:

  • Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Export Certificate
  • Pro forma Invoice
(Other documents might be included)


Customer should pay 100 % of vehicle and freight charge in advance

Frequently Asked Questions
How long time does it take from vehicle reservation date to arrival in Jamaica?
6-8 weeks.
What extra charges do I have to pay other than the C&F cost?
There are no extra or Hidden Charges charged by SBT Japan . C&F cost only include Cost of the vehicle and freight charges, it is the cost to deliver the vehicle on your Port, however, you will have to pay the Duty and Taxes locally in Jamaica at the time of clearing the vehicle.
Where do I need to send payment?
All the payments must arrive at SBT Bank account in Japan only. You should send money only to SBT Co. Ltd. beneficiaries in Japan. Click here for payment details. We also accept PayPal payments! Ask your sales representative for more details.
Is there any membership fee?
No fees or hidden charges are required. So don't hesitate and sign up now.
From where do SBT JAPAN buys the cars for their Stock??
SBT Japan buy the cars from all over Auction Houses in Japan.
When does the ship departure from Japan?
You can check shipping schedule from here.
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