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The Mazda Rx-8 is categorized as a sports car that was produced by the Mazda between 2001 and 2002. It was first released at the North American International Auto Show in 2001. Even though it is a descendant to the RX-7, it is charged with a Wankel engine. The new RX 8 initiated the sales in the region of North America in 2004.
Mazda revealed that the production of the Rx 8 will be ended in 2011 whereas the RX8 from the European market was eliminated in 2010 when it could not meet the emission standards.


Let’s check the specifications of the 2004 Mazda rx8.The first model of the RX-8 was charged with RENESIS. At its time of release the Renesis was offered in high power models and standard models too. The standard model had a 6-speed manual with high power. The Mazda Rx8 with 5-speed manual was not available for sale in North America. The one with 6-speed automatic along with paddle-shifting option available in manual was released in the USA in 2006.

The modified Renesis was made available with two extra intake ports. The 06 automatic RX-8 was upgraded with an addition of a second oil cooler very similar to the standard in the manual transmission model. With exhaust ports now located in the side housing, the RENESIS boasted improved fuel efficiency and emissions rating over the 13B-REW employed by the last RX-7, thereby making it possible to be sold in North America. After the installation of the exhaust ports found in the side housing, the Renesis improved a lot of fuel efficiency and emissions control and therefore making it available for sale in North America.


In 2005, Mazda released the "Sports Prestige Limited" in Japan and in North America known as Shinka; it was first special edition of Mazda RX-8. The word Shinka means renovation. It was charged high for its luxurious grand touring model. It was offered with chromed 18" wheels and Parchment leather interior.


It was released in 2006 under the name as evolve and it was the first special edition for the market of the United Kingdom. This was produced in a very limited number and the name was inspired by the original Mazda concept car that was displayed in 2000 at the Detroit. It was famous for its many unique characteristics such as alloy wheels, sports door mirrors, Rotary branded B-pillar trims and headlamps along with many options of colors for the exterior.


The interior too was very impressive with stone leather and Alcantara material for the seats along with steering wheel draped in black leather, hand-brake lever and gear knob. In 2006, the Mazda RX 8 PZ was released for the United Kingdom market. It was manufactured as a joint venture with the company known as Prodrive. It was only offered in six-speed manual. It was offered in only two colors the brilliant black and the galaxy gray.


Mazda released its RX-8 Hydrogen RE concept car at the 2004 North American International Auto Show. It was developed in a way that it could be run on the gasoline and hydrogen.

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