Toyota Allion - A Modern Car

  1. ALLION 2018 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 10,390

  2. ALLION 2014 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 6,440

  3. ALLION 2013 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 4,260

  4. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 4,800

  5. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 3,790

  6. ALLION 2011 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 4,810

  7. ALLION 2005 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 2,810

  8. ALLION 2009 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 3,600

  9. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 9,740

Overview of Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion an amazing car, featuring authentic Japanese quality, it has a high level of comfort, greater functionality and ease of use. Excellent technical characteristics and original exterior design contributed to the rising popularity of Toyota Allion in many countries around the world. For a great middle-class sedan car Toyota Allion acts from the Japanese manufacturer.

The peak of popularity of this model comes at a time associating with family minivan cars. Toyota Allion feature can be called ease of use that is capable of producing an excellent impression on drivers and to this day. Specialists Toyota was created family cars Allion / Premio, which anticipated the interest of motorists. Toyota Allion car replaced the Carina, at a time when both Toyota Premio is the successor of Corona Premio. In both models, the same basic mechanisms and basic equipment.

First Generation of Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion first generation (12.2001 - 06.2007) equipped with 4-cylinder engine capacity of 1.5 (1NZ-FE), 1.8 (1ZZ-FE) and 2 (1AZ -FSE) liters with the type of gas distribution DOHC. Models with an engine capacity of 1.8 liters provided with all-wheel drive. Models with 2-liter engine equipped with variable speed.

Second Generation of Toyota Allion

The second generation Toyota Allion (06-2007) is equipped exclusively CVT and engine volume 1.5 (1NZ-FE), 1.8 (2ZR-FE or 2ZR-FAE) and 2 (3ZR-FAE) liters. There is also a four-wheel drive modification that only comes with engines of 1.8 liters. The double folding rear seat allows you to free up more space in the luggage compartment. Smooth and silent running Toyota Alioni isolated car among other competitors in this market segment.

Design of Toyota Allion

Design of the car is maintained in excellent style and as a prestigious car. The most interesting and intriguing features of this model match the car acts committed by the Japanese roads, excellent luggage capacity, due to the presence of which car is on the same stage with oversized model. As for the rear seats, then they can stay with maximum comfort. In addition, the chairs have the function of double cross-folding and reclining backs. The equipment includes of Toyota Allion is inline four-cylinder power units, the volume of which can be 1.5, 1.8 and 2 liters.

Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio

Toyota Allion is the middle-class sedan. Its finest hour came at a time when it minivans have become associated with the family car. Ease of use, which can be called ridge Toyota Allion, still impresses drivers. Anticipating the interest of buyers, the companys specialists have created a family of cars Toyota Allion. The car Toyota Allion is “heir » Carina, while Toyota Premio « continues » Corona Premio. Basic mechanisms and basic equipment is the same in both cars. As for the design, the cornerstone in Toyota Allion put style and Toyota Premio designed as a luxury car. The most interesting aspect of both vehicles can be considered full compliance with their Japanese roads surround the cabin space, which puts these models on a par with large machines, and good luggage capacity.

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