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zimbabweTalent Bhunu

October 11, 2016 - Zimbabwe
Talent Bhunu
​When I received my vehicle at the port after arrival, I discovered that its physical condition was far much better than the pictorial condition I saw on the website. I was so impressed such that when I arrived back in Zimbabwe, I got in touch with Seher Amin of Sbt and placed another order. Again the condition of the second car was fabulous. In my area I then became known for importing good vehicles in mint condition. From there on, I started dealing with SBT Japan only. What impressed me about my sales agent Seher was that I could negotiate for discount and most importantly she could makes some adjustments of the shipping schedule to accommodate my own schedule since I am also employed on full time basis. I never had complaints from any of my customers whom I sold the vehicle I bought from SBT Japan. In fact the cars have boosted my reputation as an ex-Japanese car dealer.


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