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trinidadMr. Ramkissoon – Trinidad

May 7, 2018 - Trinidad
I would like to inform you all of the service i received from your company SBT Japan in purchasing a vehicle.
the transaction process was and is simple and very effective are as follows:
The ship departed on time from Japan and had arrived in Trinidad several days in advance, therefore I must rate this as better than expected.
I was speechless this vehicle is superior, supreme, outstanding, impressive for a used car therefore this car was better than i expected.
I will continue to do business with this company and recommend them to my friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Ramkissoon – Trinidad

Edward Okyere

I want to buy pick Toyota.

    Trinidad SBT

    Hi Mr Edward,
    Thanks for your request. Sorry for late reply, one of of our sales agents will contact you by email.
    Please meke sure to reply on the email your contact information.


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