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malawiMr. Khumbo Singini, Malawi

April 6, 2016 - Malawi

Hello, my name is Khumbo Singini from Malawi. I have bought so many cars from SBT Japan and I have never been disappointed. The quality of cars that they have is just excellent and service delivery is unmatched. I have bought cars from other companies in Japan as well but they were full of disappointments. I have bought more than 100 cars from SBT Japan but not even a single car gave me a problem. The sales manager Mr. Burhan Ahmed is very good. He is just too kind and very flexible man when it comes to giving discounts. He listens a lot and he has his own way of helping his clients. He is like an angel sent by God Himself. I just love the way he does business. Someone might think that i am just trying to sale this company but not. I am just very much impressed with the way it does business. I buy and sell cars and I also help other people who want to buy a car from Japan. I and those whom i have helped to buy cars from SBT Japan have never been disappointed. LONG LIVE SBT JAPAN AND BURHAN AHMED. I LOVE YOU.

Mr. Khumbo Singini, Malawi


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