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kenyaMr Dickson Amuom Owuor KENYA

October 24, 2019 - Kenya

1.Regarding SBT
When I first decided to buy a car from SBT I had no previous experience with them. I was worried about losing money. But  I had a Wonderful experience at the hands of ELPAYEL my devoted  and personal SBT  salesman. He personally pick a top of the range brand(VOLVO V 60) in excellent condition at a  price i still don’t Believe was possible . 
2.Opinion on having quality cars in my country  
Through our relationship with SBT we in Kenya can now drive similar vehicles like everybody else in the world.  Less emissions,  minimal breakdowns and fantastic dependability. This will  Save our country Kenya from pollution, lost man hours and Safety on our highways.  I think in this way SBT is playing a big role in our country.  

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