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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Mr. Christopher, Malawi
​This is Christopher from Malawi, I would like to [...]
Mr. Aubrey Simukoko
Great Deals I have had from SBT Japan. I have never [...]
Ms. Theresa Kapambwe
I purchased my Toyota Allion through SBT company one [...]
Mr. Harrison Mwale, Malawi
This is Harrison Mwale speaking, who personally wished [...]
Mr. Abraham Kaluba
Mr. Henry Chikakuda, Malawi
I have started using SBT Japan on the 8th August 2012, [...]
Ms. Sarah Nkosi, Malawi
Since we started buying cars from SBT Japan, it has [...]
Mr. Samuel Mthawanji, Malawi
SBT Japan is the best vehicle exporter in the world! [...]
Mr. Harry Kachikho, Malawi
Hello, I just wanted to let SBT Japan know that I have [...]
Mr. Sam Zimba, Malawi
I have been dealing with SBT Japan since 2008 and am [...]
Mr. Huggins Mandoya, Malawi
Hello, I am Huggins Mandoya from Malawi. I bought my [...]
Mr. Zaza Mcqueen
I would like to formally thank you and your company for [...]
Mr. Fiskan Chima, Malawi
Hello brother, This is your client Mr. Fiskan Chima [...]
Mr. James Lamya Lewis Chaponda, Malawi
I have successfully collected my unit and am writing [...]
Ms. Riyana Elias, Malawi
I am very satisfied doing business with SBT Japan and [...]
Mr. Dalitso Taulo, Malawi
​I thank ​SBT JAPAN so much! I collected my car in good [...]
Mr. London Mara, Malawi
SBT is a well reputed company from which I always buy [...]
Mr Asaph Mbewe
These are three(3) of the 22 units I have recieved from [...]
Mr. Evance John Lapani, Malawi
Hi, I would like to express my gratitude towards the [...]
Mr. Madalitso Maluwa, Malawi
SBT Japan is a trustworthy company which sells smart [...]