Volkswagen Touareg Interior And Exterior

  1. TOUAREG 2011 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 8,107

  2. TOUAREG 2011 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 9,360

  3. TOUAREG 2013 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 16,260

  4. TOUAREG 2012 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 8,318

  5. TOUAREG 2016 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 18,399

  6. TOUAREG 2014 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 11,798

  7. TOUAREG 2015 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 12,490

  8. TOUAREG 2018 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 33,473

  9. TOUAREG 2013 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 10,970

  10. TOUAREG 2015 Volkswagen TOUAREG

    Bei: USD 14,859

History of VolksWagen Touareg

The VW Touareg is an SUV from VW. It runs in the same factory in Bratislava from the band in which the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne are produced. To date, two generations are available. The VW Touareg I ran from 2002 to 2010 from the tape, the VW Touareg II has been available since 2010. The VW Touareg is tough: Using a modified variant of Volkswagen competed in the tender "armored command and multipurpose vehicles, class 1" of the Bundeswehr. First generation: VW Touareg I (2002 - 2010) the platform of the first generation VW Touareg It was developed jointly with Porsche and also forms the basis for the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. In November 2006, the Touareg received a facelift that makes visually mainly due to the brands signature honeycomb grill noticeable. The choice was between petrol engine with up to 450 hp and diesel engines up to 350 hp. Second generation: VW Touareg II (since 2010) The second generation of the VW Touareg debuts as first SUV from a German manufacturer not only with a hybrid drive, but better with the environment.

Four or Five Door SUV

volkswagen touaregIn the VW Touareg is a four- or five-door Sports Utility Vehicles of the sports utility vehicle (SUV) class, despite the high-road capabilities, its occupants and comfortable ride. VW developed offered a number of models of the VW Touareg, for each individual taste any off-road enthusiast. A sporty version offers such as the VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 20-inch wheels and the wide wheel arches while the model VW Touareg W12 Executive more elegant effect. Power ranges from 174 to 450 hp ensure that you can be as good as any hurdle cope with the VW Touareg.

Interior of Volkswageon Touareg

So far, the VW Touareg was only with a diesel engine, the customer can opt for a petrol variant since 2007. The consumption is 100 kilometers on average between 10 liters of diesel and 15 liters of premium, what the average consumption of comparable competitor models like the Porsche Cayenne or else the Audi Q7 corresponds. The interior of the VW Touareg Volkswagen in the usual fashion comfortable, kept practical and spacious, the individual models offer different this luxurious extras. Moreover, the interior clearly show the quality and class of this sports utility vehicle.

The New Facevolkswagen touareg

The new large Sport Utility Vehicle carrying the current group face with four chrome struts in the front grille. There are also new color options and trim levels. The rear end was changed only in small details: the VW logo, the headlights and the design of the tailgate were visually enhanced and make a sharpened impression. The new R-Line styling package the exhaust tailpipes are also chromed. In addition, all new VW Touareg have standard headlights with bi-xenon technology, a multi-collision brake, 4Motion all-wheel drive and a one-way function in the transmission.

The three-liter will continue to be offered in two versions: the basic version makes 204 hp unchanged, the stronger version that we had for the first drive, 262 hp instead of 245 hp. It is very quiet, like wrapped in cotton wool, which brings new diesel Touareg on tours. And here is anything but slow traveling speeds up the 2185-pound Volkswagen in 7.3 seconds to 100 km / h. VW promises still lower consumption: 6.6 instead of 7.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

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