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Toyota Axio For Sale In Nairobi

  1. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,470

  2. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,650

  3. COROLLA 2019 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 16,930

  4. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,400

  5. COROLLA 1995 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,550

  6. COROLLA 2002 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,180

  7. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,190

  8. COROLLA 1995 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,680

  9. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,710

  10. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 2,990

Toyota Axio is one of the much known cars in the class of hybrid cars. Toyota first released the simple version of Axio, and a year later, it introduced a hybrid variant. Toyota Axio is a Japanese car that is quite popular in the automobile market.

There are many Toyota Axio models, which are sold all over the world. The Toyota Axio uses the same engine as its sibling cars. If you are looking for a Japanese car, particularly a hybrid sedan, then you are reading the right blog. This blog has all the detailed reviews you should know before shopping for a car.

Toyota Axio Engine

Any buyer looking at any car would be their engine. The cars engine is directly related to its performance, so analyzing the engine and its power would help you analyze. As told earlier, Toyota Axio shares the same engine placed in its sibling cars. Toyota Axio Hybrid is equipped with a Hybrid 1.5L 1NZ-FXE engine. The engine type equipped in Toyota the Axio is 4-cylinder DOHS. Furthermore, the engine is attached to a CVT transmission. The New Toyota Axio Hybrid is powered at a maximum number of 99HP @ 5000 RPM. The combination of petrol and hybrid engine.


There are three different trims in which Toyota Axio is available. There is no other engine in all three, and the performance outcomes in all three vary. The three trims are X, G, and Luxel.

X Trim

The first trim we have is the x trim, which has minimum features compared to other variants. The Toyota Axio X trim has the standard key and no fancy wheels like other variants. The X trim does not have other basic features, including leather seats.

G Trim

The second trim which Toyota offers is G trim its quite better in terms of features if we compare X and G. THE G trim supports Keyless entry to the car. The car also comes with a push button. Moreover, the g trim also includes wheels alloys. The dual shades car seats make the interior pop and give a good look. Surprisingly the G trim also has optional heated seats.

Luxel Trim

Last but not least trim is the most premium and top-of-the-line. Toyota Axio comes with all the features included in the Toyota Axio X and G trim. Premium two-tone leather seats. Luxury trim comes with heated seats, too, and some more options. The Luxel trim stands above the X and G variants.

Toyota Axio Features

The Toyota Axio comes with many features just like any other sedan car with similar class manufactured by Toyota. Lets look into some of the most prominent features present in Toyota Axio.

Climate Control

Now the weather outside your car will not be affected anymore because you have all the controls. You can change the temperature of your cabin according to your preference.

Traction Control

Every car uses the traction control feature to improve stability and control; traction control is a standard feature in Toyota Axio. The traction control accordingly works depending on the situation. The traction control can be closed and switched on whenever needed.

Safety And Airbags

Anyone who is buying a car, prioritizes safety. It is very crucial to study safety features in-depth before purchasing a car. Because what is the point of having a vehicle that cannot keep you safe?

Airbags are the first thing that pop into your mind whenever you think about safety precautions. Airbags are the most crucial element that enhances the likelihood of survival in a tragic accident or rollover. The front and sides of the Axio power the Toyota Axio. The car is equipped with 8 standard airbags in total.

Stability And Control

Stability and control play a vital role in a cars overall performance. The overall look of the tires is so elegant yet small compared to other similar vehicles that it may not appear that it is a stable car. The Toyota Axio Hybrid, in contrast, feels quite steady while driving at both low and high speeds. Also serving as a safety precaution to lower the hazards on the road is Toyotas Collision Avoidance System.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is regarded as a vehicles operational expense. An automobile may be simple to purchase but challenging to maintain with the current rise in gasoline prices. We should always thoroughly study the fuel economy the automobile offers.

Because it is a hybrid vehicle and the fuel economy is not only determined by the engine alone in Axio, the Axio fuel consumption efficiency is pretty high. The Toyota Axio Hybrid gives two kinds of averages, one in the city and the other on a longer route. It promises an average fuel economy of 21–22 km/l in city driving and 25–27 km/l on highway driving.

Interior Of Toyota Axio

The inside of the Toyota Axio is not standard like other vehicles in its class. There are a few small variances between the three variants, which we have already covered. The vehicles interior differs from that of typical hybrid vehicles in that it is designed to allow for comfortable driving. Step down on the brake and simultaneously press the push button on the right side of the steering wheel with the cars smart key to start the engine. When you start the engine, you most likely would not even hear the car because it is so quiet.

Display And Infotainment System

The Toyota Axio LCD display is placed near to the metre and displays data such as fuel economy ratings, how much farther the car can travel on its current fuel supply, the distance travelled by the car, the amount of gas the driver has saved, and other statistics.

You can utilize the LCD display while keeping your hands on the steering wheel since the button for it is located on the right side of the wheel.

Boot Space

Even though your automobile is a mid-size sedan, you are not sacrificing things like boot capacity. There is ample cargo room in the automobile thanks to the architecture of the vehicle. This car has a trunk that is the same size as a typical gas-powered car.

Three things, each the size of a typical carry-on suitcase, will fit in the trunk of the automobile. Additionally, anything may be simply loaded into a car. On the left side of the car lies the gasoline tank. The driver seat door pocket contains the car keys. Avoid leaving your automobile alone with the key inside and take precautions to prevent losing it.

The GPS Monitoring System

Additionally, the Toyota Axio features a built-in GPS system that is conveniently located here for your convenience. Today automobiles often come equipped with GPS. Additionally, the GPS technology simplifies your trips and helps you avoid traffic in advance.

The dashboard, which is situated on the upper right side of the metre, is often where the ETC device is mounted. If this is your first time operating a hybrid, do not worry; the shift knob is an automated gate type, which operates in the same manner as the standard shift knob in gas-powered automobiles.


Given the size, space, features, and price range, Toyota Axio stands as a great car for anyone. If you are looking to get your hands on a car that is worth you money, reach out to SBT Japan for the Best Toyota Axio for sale in Nairobi. The experts will help verify the car, engine, condition and everything to make it the best deal for you.

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