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Volkswagen Sharan

  1. SHARAN 2019 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 25,040

  2. SHARAN 2012 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 8,770

  3. SHARAN 2017 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 15,530

  4. SHARAN 2015 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 15,940

  5. SHARAN 2014 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 7,840

  6. SHARAN 2015 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 13,890

  7. SHARAN 2016 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 11,210

  8. SHARAN 2011 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 8,730

  9. SHARAN 2011 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 5,780

  10. SHARAN 2012 Volkswagen SHARAN

    Preços: USD 5,180

The MPV VW Sharan was built to reach especially young families with children as clients. The VW Sharan is identical to the Ford Glaxy and Seat Alhambra. Since 1 May 1995, the VW Sharan is produced in Portugal. Families with children are primarily the variable interior concept of the Sharan: it has a total of up to seven seats, the rear of which five are either rearranged or removed entirely. This creates a large flat cargo area of about two meters in length. By folding the backrest, the seats can also convert into tables; a family outing is me this flexible car so nothing in the way.


VOLKSWAGEN SHARANVW Sharan is available in the equipment versions Trendline, Comfortline, Sportline, and Highline, freestyle and special. Standard set all the versions on many storage and networks in the interior, airbags, ABS, ESP and other safety equipment. The petrol engines of the VW Sharan range from a 85 kW motor with 115 hp to 150 kW engine with 204 hp. The most powerful diesel version of the Sharan 110 kW and 150 hp. Optional most of the motors are also available in combination with an automatic transmission and the 204-horsepower gasoline engine provides VW with all-wheel drive 4Motion on.

Generations of Sharan

The VW Sharan is a MPV VW and the miracle of space in the product portfolio. So far, two generations were built. The first generation is almost identical to the Ford Galaxy and Seat Alhambra. In contrast, the second generation is based on the VW Passat. For large families, the VW Sharan is optimal: a choice of either five, six or seven seats. Thus, the VW Sharan provides the answer to all needs.




SEAT Alhambra (1995 - 2010) the first generation is with the Ford Galaxy and Seat Alhambra almost identical. Developed in collaboration between Volkswagen and Ford vehicle produced since 1995. The last car of the series ran in 2005 from the tape. VW contributed many components and the TDI and V6 engines for VW Sharan, Ford earned during the underbody and suspension of the Mondeo for the van. The cooperation between the two carmakers in this segment but went back in 2006, after the first series apart.


Second Generation:

VW Sharan II (since 2010) The VW Sharan II is produced since 2010 and is technically based on the VW Passat. Its front end looks similar to the Gulf. In addition to a 1.4 TSI with BlueMotion Technology since November 2010 have both a 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TDI diesel engines as a drive available. Optionally, the VW Sharan II as a five-seater (2: 3), but also as six (2: 2: 2) or seven-seater (2: 3: 2) to be ordered. The EasyFold system allows the sinking of the third row of seats. This increases the loading space 711 liters, the second row of seats also recessed; the loading increases spacious 2297 liters.

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