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Clearing and Delivery Service

SBT Japan is dedicated to insure rapid and safe delivery of your unit to Mozambique. Please check below map.

Mozambique Map
Map Mozambique
Port of Discharge: Maputo
Cities to deliver via Maputo:
Port of Discharge: Beira
Cities to deliver via Beira:
Port of Discharge: Nacala
The Advantages of SBT Japan

With more than 25 years of expertise in export of second hand vehicles, you will be choosing quality and professionalism. Our team made of qualified advisors will guide you through your choice and will give you all of the advices that you will need. Proud of our official representation in Mozambique and our network of collaborators in the country, choosing SBT Japan means choosing security and tranquility.


Thanks to our network of collaborators, you will be able to get your vehicle delivered from any given port! Talk to your personal advisor for complimentary information.



SBT provides you with premium quality vehicles at the best price. The most proficient experts of the automobile field are fighting to find you the best deals at never before seen prices!

Shipment Related Information


Your vehicle can be shipped through RORO or CONTAINER depending on your own personal preference and location. The vehicle is delicately placed on board of the freight and secured there in order to nullify any chances of damages. Even in the event of a total car loss, SBT Japan will refund you in total thanks to its very own insurance service! For further information, please follow the following link


The most used ports in order to import vehicles in Mozambique are:

Northern parts (Tete, Chimoio):

  • Beira,
  • Nacala

Southern Parts (Matola, Inhambane):

  • Maputo


Even though used vehicles aren’t subject to any age restriction during import, all imported units shipped to Mozambique will be required to undergo an Intertek inspection in Japan and be assigned a unique MOZ inspection number. Even though we provide guidelines to our customers, it is ultimately them who will need to apply for their vehicle's MOZ number at their local Intertek office. You can read more on the Intertek inspection here


Every mandatory document will be sent by DHL Express:

  • Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Export Certificate
  • Pro forma Invoice
(Other documents might be included)


Starting the date of the reservation, our dear customers have up to two working days in order to proceed to the payment, after which the reservation will be void. The shipment procedure shall begin after reception of either 75% up to 100% of the payment for first time buyers, and 50% up to 100% of the payment for repeaters. In the event of a partial deposit (50% or 75%), customers are required to pay the remaining amount within five working days after the unit has left the loading port. Failure to do so will result in the unconditional seizure of the first deposit, as well as the resale of the unit without any possible appeal. Our customers are also reminded that bank transfer charges have to be paid entirely by them (OUR), and not be shared with SBT Japan (SHA). Partial payments due to failure of covering the bank transfer charges will result in the interruption of the shipping process of the reserved units, and eventually the cancellation of the reservation if we fail to receive the complete amount in time. Therefore please make sure to carefully plan your ability to finance your project before proceeding to a reservation, as SBT Japan will not be accepting any claims.

The unique “Know How” of SBT

SBT is the first vehicle exporter in various different countries thanks to its expertise in securing your unit and insuring that no harm comes to it during its shipment. Our shipping technique has proved times and times again that no matter the distance, we will make sure that your vehicle reaches you in the exact same condition it was when you decided to purchase it.

Testimonials of our Dear Customers

Dear greetings I want to inform you that I received in good condition as two cars (Nissan and Honda Edix). thank you very much.

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Mr Naimo Ibrahimo Tanker Mozambique

Iam so happy to make busyness with SBT japan

The post Mr Naimo Ibrahimo Tanker Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr Ridhwan Ismael MOZAMBIQUE

I am satisfied with the car performance

The post Mr Ridhwan Ismael MOZAMBIQUE appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr Digo Maneno Ndala Saide Mozambique

Very excellent, effective, with quality, as the car in good working condition without much complications.

The post Mr Digo Maneno Ndala Saide Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.


Unit is in perfect condition , Thanks

The post Mr. VENANCIO FIEL TEMBE, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr. Atuia Bashir, Mozambique

I want to inform you that I received the vehicle in perfect condition yesterday. Thank you very much for your kindness.

The post Mr. Atuia Bashir, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr. Tinga Fernando, Mozambique

I would like to thank SBT for all the work done to send the car. You are a very serious organization and provide the highest quality services.
Thank you very much SBT,

The post Mr. Tinga Fernando, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr. Sergio Afonso Francisco, Mozambique

I received the car in optimum conditions and I will always buy from sbtjapan.

The post Mr. Sergio Afonso Francisco, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr. Anisio Sebastiao, Mozambique

I would like to thanksgiving STB’s team for all support provided from the beginning up to the end of commercial process.

The post Mr. Anisio Sebastiao, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

Mr. Celso Soares, Mozambique

This serves to let you know that i have received the car in a very good condition.
Thanks a lot for the quality of your services.

The post Mr. Celso Soares, Mozambique appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

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