Volvo V50 1.6 For Sale

Do You Know, Volvo V50 1.6 For Sale Is Built To Assure Extreme Driving Safety

A used car buyer or in other words a Volvo V50 1.6 for sale driver supposed to note, to underline the extreme driving safety, the very appreciable comfort and the captivating agility, which onboard the Volvo V50 product line series increase dramatically. The safety of the interior of the Volvo V50 is also at typical Volvo levels, with front airbags with two-stage function, SIPS head and shoulder airbags, side airbags for the driver and passenger alongside, SIPS side crash system, braking, driving dynamics controller, intelligent information system, whiplash prevention system and ultra-modern seat belts.


Precious Space Inside

Innovative details are also in its interior, where the innovative super-slim center console is now also available in real Scandinavian oak. Furthermore, regardless of the chosen upholstery, the console now extends to the rear seats and behind the gear lever houses new storage compartments, obtained by redesigning the handbrake lever in order to save precious space. For the more demanding in terms of storage compartments, the usable space in the door panels has also been increased, which now also houses an additional loudspeaker for the stereo system.


The changes to the bodywork have as their common thread the search for a more prestigious and at the same time sporty image, thus relaunching once again the challenge to the eternal rivals Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring and bringing the V50 closer to the stylistic course of the models larger and newer than Volvo, such as the S80 and V70. More specifically, the front fascia changes ( muscular and with smaller air intakes), the cut of the main headlights, driving lights, and the grille, which is now opaque instead of chrome. On the same line also the modifications in the tail, where a used car Volvo V50 1.6 price payer is supposed to explore a bumper and revised light groups, as well as tailpipes with a different shape.


Specs To Evaluate In Used Volvo V50 1.6 For Sale

Engine type - Number of cylinders: Inline 4
Fuel System: Common Rail
Aspiration: Turbo + Intercooler
Front Brakes - Disc dimensions: Vented Discs
Front Suspension: Independent, coil springs,. anti-roll bar
Rear Suspension: Multilink. Coil springs. anti-roll bar
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine Alignment: Transverse
Drive wheels - Traction - Drivetrain: FWD
Rear Brakes - Disc dimensions: Discs


Evolution and Innovation

On the other hand, other valuable elements also contribute to the comfort, such as the always controlled responses of the suspensions and a pleasant interior, characterized by the now-famous center console. Once again, therefore, a Volvo V50 1.6 for sale driver rediscovers a drivers seat with impeccable ergonomics and complete, easy-to-read instrumentation. But the interior of the Volvo V50 not only inspires a sense of safety and security. In fact, the “highlight” of the furniture is the suspended central console, which gives the room a sense of futuristic airiness. Greater roominess of the rear seats also allows tall people to travel comfortably for long distances.


The evolution of the roofline of the Volvo V50 sloping like that of a sedan gives extra space for the free movement of the head. Unfortunately, this convenience compromises the spaciousness of the luggage compartment. All the secondary controls are very easy and immediate to operate, to the point that when you think about certain competitive "spaceships" you initially get the impression that something is missing, but we can assure you that everything is really there. The functioning of the air conditioner is also flawless. The steering and brakes also perform their task very well, while space is generous in the front seats and more than valid on the rear sofa, which can also accommodate tall people without sacrifices.


Responsive With Security

Among the innovative features, as always at Volvo, are safety i.e. optional Bi-Xenon active headlights, which follow the curve of the road when the driver turns the steering wheel; hazard lights that are activated automatically when the airbags are deployed, a feature designed to attract the attention of other road users in the event of an accident not involving other vehicles, for example at night; brake lights equipped with the EBL (Emergency Brake Lights) function, which flashes rapidly when the driver presses hard on the brake pedal, in order to warn the vehicles behind the car. There are also various airbags (front, side full-size front and side rear), stability and traction control system, emergency braking assistance, and the WHIPS device for protection against whiplash.


Furthermore, all audio systems are now equipped with an additional socket (AUX) thanks to which another device, such as a portable MP3 player, can be connected. USB and iPod connectors are also available as accessories. In addition, among other things, power steering and automatic climate control are standard. A used car buyer needs to be active and alert to explore and test the desired aspects, addons as well as installations in Volvo V50 1.6 for sale at used car exporter places; a buyer can extract all necessary details via online portals, are active to respond round the clock without any boundary barriers.

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