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Toyota Noah – Economical And Dependable Family car

  1. NOAH 2016 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 17,630

  2. NOAH 2015 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 19,370

  3. NOAH 2011 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 3,890

  4. NOAH 2016 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 19,550

  5. NOAH 2014 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 13,270

  6. NOAH 2015 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 19,230

  7. NOAH 2014 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 21,280

  8. NOAH 2009 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 7,690

  9. NOAH 2014 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 18,100

  10. NOAH 2020 Toyota NOAH

    Price: USD 26,620

There is a new Toyota model called the Noah, and it is an intriguing one. Creating a vehicle that could be used for both personal and business purposes while still being entertaining and affordable to drive was the primary goal behind the design of such a vehicle. Owners of Toyota Noah will be enchanted by the design and features of the vehicle. The multifunctional vehicle has taken the market by storm because of its mind-boggling capabilities and powerful power.


Production of the car began in 2001 and has continued to this day. When it was first introduced, the van featured five doors, a front transverse engine, an automatic gearbox, a front-wheel-drive system, a 2825 mm wheelbase, 2.0 liters of engine capacity, and 1,500 kilos of basic weight.




To begin with, the used Toyota Noah for sale in Mombasa was introduced in the 1970s as a light-duty truck that could be configured as a commercial or van/wagon. The Lite and Town words are used with it to demonstrate the light-duty capacity of the truck and its ability to handle urban carrying chores. Toyota Noah for sale in Kenya has a large enough size, a complete list of features, and a generous amount of interior space that suggests it was created to meet the demand of family-oriented purchasers.



Shape and Design

Toyota has introduced the Noah, an 8-seater multi-purpose vehicle. It has five doors. With its 2.0L 3ZR-FE I4 DI and 2.0L 1AZ-FSE I4 DI engines, a continuously variable automatic gearbox, a front-engine, and four-wheel-drive vehicle, anti-lock brakes, and power steering, the car is equipped mechanically. Toyota Noah in Mombasa was a breath of fresh air above Sienta and Alphard when it came to the overall design of its vehicle. With eight seats spread over three rows, the interior of the automobile takes luxury to a new level. In addition to the Red, Blue, and Green accents, the combination of White, Silver, and Black provides the ensemble a polished appearance. Wheels with beautiful tire design and robust material use offer the first portion of the vehicle that comes into touch with a significant boost. Because of its uncomplicated design, you may find yourself unable to resist a second look.




The Toyota Noah is a well-equipped multipurpose vehicle (MPV) aimed primarily at big families. Elegant style and high-end facilities have been retained with a new look and feel. The exterior has well-rounded and aggressive styling and is attractive in appearance. It has a total width of 1695mm, length of 4595mm, and a height of 1850mm in dimensions. It stands out from the competition because of its distinctive appearance and body form. Quality materials were used to create a family-friendly layout. Eight people can be comfortably accommodated due to the spaciousness of all three rows. The seat of the car is elevated, allowing for a picturesque ride and excellent vision. Storage capacity is abundant in this MPV so that it can fit a lot of gears. The inside of the vehicle is stocked with high-quality amenities that improve the driving experience. Thus, it is more probable that this automobile will be driven with such a high-quality driving package.



Great Family Hauler

People carriers, economical and agile vans, and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) have become more popular to transport families. This high-performance Toyota Noah has undergone a number of design and function enhancements. There are several cutting-edge innovations inside and pleasant environment, as well as the external proportions. Brand claims for safety, comfort, and convenience are met by interior artistry. Dual-zone temperature control, a widescreen live sound system, G-book telemetry, and a big cargo compartment are all included in the standard package. Toyota Noah has a lot to offer in terms of structural stiffness and fuel efficiency. With a 2.0-liter twin-cam 16-valve engine (3S-FE) and a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine (3C-T) to choose from, as well as good driving proportions, for a solid above-average fuel economy.



Smooth Drive

Powered by a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, the Toyota Noah is fitted with a Super CVT gearbox. It produces 158 horsepower and 195 nm of torque. When completely loaded, it consumes roughly 13.4 km/liters of petrol. This vehicle also has a peak speed of 175 kilometers per hour and lower CO2 emissions. Long-term reliability has also given it a reputation as one of the best. New level features, including intelligent parking assistance, dual temperature control, GPS navigation, and cruise control, are standard on every model. In a nutshell, this vehicle delivers impressive power, amazing fuel economy, and unmatched dependability.



The Inside

The Toyota Noah interior has Power Window, which allows the window to be rolled up quickly with no effort. Power Steering enables the vehicle to turn more quickly and with less effort on the part of the driver on the road. In the rear of the car, there is adequate room for bags. As a result, a Toyota Noah with a rear seat makes for an excellent picnic and time with friends. Anti-lock Braking System features reduce the risk of a vehicle skidding on the road by altering the wheel grip in both wet and dry conditions. The jerk reduction is reduced due to the seat belts. Because of this, the emergency brakes may go off without a hitch.



The Outer Look

White, silver, and black are the most frequent hues for the Toyota Noah 2000, making it a more affordable option. While the Silver Toyota Noah is more expensive than the Black Toyota Noah due to its lower manufacturing volume, the White Toyota Noah is the most affordable. Because of the unusual color options, drivers with a preference for standout hues will have plenty of choices. As a result of the fog lights, which include both headlights and taillights, the Toyota Noah may be recognized from a distance. Barriers are apparent from the vantage point of the driver.





1. What is the price of a Toyota Noah in Mombasa?

Toyota Noah prices vary from 7000 USD and 16000 USD, depending on the type, condition, and mileage of the vehicle.

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